Acoustic Energy 305

Following the successful and critically acclaimed 301 standmounts, we’re overjoyed to get our first stock of the mighty 305 floorstanders…

Acoustic Energy 305

With a power rating of 200watts, the 305s sound every bit as powerful as they look. With two enormous bass drivers and the slot loaded bass port that proved so effective on the 301s, it’s no surprise that these monsters can go down as far as 35Hz – low enough that even ardent bassheads may reconsider getting a subwoofer too.

They’re not all bluster though – the 305s boast a third driver for handling the mid-range and a fabric tweeter keeps the high-ends sounding smooth and refined. Plus, their rigid cabinet design reduces any unwanted vibration, creating a clean, polished sound for music and movies alike!

If you like your tracks punchy and your movies immersive, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of 305s.

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