An Introduction to Curved Screen TVs


Panoramic viewing – coming to a screen near you.

Curved Screens, believe it or not, are nothing new. The first use on record is way back in 1952. Cinerama in New York used the curve to counter image distortions found in Super-Wide movies of the time. Fast forward to today; a lot of cinemas are using curved screens, including the much praised IMAX experience.

So, why the curve? There are several reasons, which really need to be seen to be believed. Firstly, the added depth is a massive plus. With the screen being curved, it actually starts to fool the brain into thinking the image in front of you is a lot deeper than it actually is. The field of view is also improved, so it is possible to see more of the image without moving your head. This all leads to a real sense of immersion into whatever you’re watching and really improves the experience as a whole.

Curved Screen technology is not only reserved for the cinema experience. Samsung’s and LG’s current ranges of LED and OLED TVs both feature curved screens, with Sony recently announcing their first foray into curved screens. These new TVs really demonstrate a fantastic true cinema experience, in the comfort of your own living room.

This is where the technology really starts to amaze: the contrast of an image is also improved on a curved screen, as the light is angled towards the viewer. This is unique to curved screens and really needs to be seen to be believed. The curve of the screens are mathematically calculated to give the most immersive experience from the optimal distance from the screen. This results in all areas of the screen being the same distance from the viewer. This, in turn, leads to a more natural picture and less distortion.

Available in sizes ranging from 48″ to a whopping 78″, they are a great addition to any room. Let’s face it… it also looks pretty impressive having a curved TV to show off to the neighbours too. So even if the fantastic contrast and immersive picture wasn’t enough, you can now be the envy of everyone you know.

As mentioned, it really has to be seen to be believed. Your local Richer Sounds are demonstrating curved TVs today. We know even the greatest cynic will be converted. After watching a curved screen for 10 minutes, then going back to a flat screen, you will really see what we mean. The curve really does stand head and shoulders above the rest!

Author – Ben, Hull store