Best Blu-ray releases



It’s the season to stay indoors! As the nights get colder, wrap up warm and settle-in for a night of top entertainment. Whether it’s presents for others or a something to fill the long winter nights, here are a few suggestions to get you going…

doryFinding Dory

One of the biggest box office hits of the year. Who could miss the journey of Dory, as she looks for her family? I give you the Rotten Tomatoes critics consensus:

“Funny, poignant, and thought-provoking; Finding Dory delivers a beautifully animated adventure that adds another entertaining chapter to its predecessor’s classic story.”

planetearthPlanet Earth II

Recently released and full of stunning high quality footage, this is a must for any nature lover. Potentially Attenborough’s final adventure (will he ever retire?) this is a phenomenal send off; discovering new animals and behaviours that beggar belief. It is a pleasure to be reminded that our planet can still surprise us.

secret-life-of-petsThe Secret Life of Pets

One of the most popular animations of the year – this lovable romp through the city never fails to entertain. Looking at what pets get up to behind closed doors gives plenty of occasion for humour and some subtle touches of pathos.

revenantThe Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio received a long overdue Oscar for his performance in The Revenant. A long, bruising and brutal journey through the snowy wilds of North America brings home the power of nature over our lives. Filmed with a beauty that matches the quality of the story and actors, this is truly a modern classic.

martianThe Martian

Millions of miles from Earth and left to his own devices, Matt Damon does what he does best, prove that no matter what name he goes by he can’t be phased! In this look at a potential future on Mars, the story is rich in humour, tension and believable scenarios. Maybe not that last bit, but it is emotive and highly enjoyable. Recommended for sci-fi fans and general drama lovers alike!

mad-maxMad Max: Fury Road

Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like a good action thriller to unwind with some friends and beers you can’t go far wrong with Mad Max: Fury Road. Filled to the brim with crazy cars, stunts, characters and a surprisingly meaningful undertone.


Brie Larsson brings to life Emma Donaghue’s novel of a woman trapped in a room with her child. Described by Brie in interviews as heart-wrenching to act out, it is surely one of the most emotive viewings of the year.

danish-girlThe Danish Girl

Eddie Redmayne returns as somebody else (in more ways than one) in this deep and colourful film. Tackling our perceptions of gender and it’s non-linear nature, it is an arresting social drama. The calibre of acting is high across all the cast and draws you into each character’s emotional journey. While the film is clearly about one exceptional individual, it is a credit to Alicia Vikander that you invest fully in the supporting roles journey just as much.


Exploding with detail from every angle this Disney animation is lining up to be easily one of the best of its kind. With attention and love paid to the world it creates, the characters breathe life into every scene, making it hard to drag your eyes away. A snapshot of city life and looking at the greater picture in every situation, there is much to take away from this hilarious and moving animal adventure.

Author: Joe, Bath store