Best of E3 2016


As I watched the various conferences of E3 2016, I thought to myself that there wasn’t really a lot that interested me… until I sat down to write about it and found I had multiple articles worth of opinions and information. Here is my attempt to condense the information and give you my best of E3.

Death Stranding

After Hideo Kojima left Konami, a lot was left up in the air about what his next project would involve and who exactly he would work for, eventually settling on Sony due to their hardware. At this E3 we were graced with a teaser for Death Stranding, a game featuring Norman Reedus which also stars dead whales and fish… and maybe a baby that turns into oil. It was an out there announcement but it shows that Sony is willing to take creative risks and let one of gaming’s greatest minds run wild… as long as he develops exclusively for them, as this will be a PS4 exclusive.

God of War

God of War made its return after a 3 year hiatus showcasing a much more calm and mature Kratos, coupled with a much more calm and mature game. Gone is the anger and rapid fire combo structure, replaced by what seems to be a more thoughtful and deliberate style of gameplay. Like previous games it still looks brutal and is definitely going to be a great game in the franchise, and a great PS4 exclusive.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo’s ace up their sleeve is usually always either Mario or Zelda. This year it was Zelda, and what an ace it was! It’s one of the most talked about games all around the internet right now and it’s apparently going to be quite a departure from the style the series has recently been known for. Personally right now I’m still undecided by the art style, but if all the critiques and reactions to this newest version are to be believed then Breath of the Wild could be one of the greatest Zelda games to date.

Detroit: Become Human

A neo-noir, third-person thriller focusing on story driven narrative and based around a cast of androids. Exactly the kind of game that the world needs right now. Boasting amazing visuals and a story that happens in real time, this is probably one of the games that I’m most excited to see develop, and it’s also another PS4 exclusive.


Not much is known about Insomniac’s take on the Spiderman franchise, but from the brief teaser trailer and their previous work on the greatest game ever, Sunset Overdrive, this could wind up being the best Spiderman game since Spiderman 2 for PS2 all those years ago. Oh yeah, did I mention this is another in the long, long list of PS4 exclusives? Because it is.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

South Park: The Stick of Truth was honestly one of my favourite games of 2014, its ability to take the idea of the standard RPG and utilise it to create a game that wasn’t just hilarious, but was also a fantastic gaming experience, still brings a tear to my eye. Looking to be more of the same with a new story, hopefully this sequel is just as successful and leads to South Park continuing to make games for the foreseeable future.


Steep looks cool, the idea of taking action sports and an open world is something so perfect it makes me wonder why it hasn’t been done before. From snowboarding to skiing to wing-suiting, Steep is the game that will let you live out all those fantasies of being a high flying mountain adventurer that we all secretly have.

Xbox One new consoles and updates

Microsoft announced two new consoles; the Xbox One S which is a slim line version of the Xbox One with 4K capability (via streaming and built in 4K Blu-ray player) and the Xbox Scorpio which looks to be a massive overhaul of the Xbox One system, apparently being much more powerful and having the ability to play 4K games. They also announced updates to the Xbox Live system to vastly improve how you play online, hopefully.

This was merely a snippet of all the things that went on at E3s two day expo and all the various conferences, and there was far too much to include all the announcements. If there are things you’re excited about that aren’t on this list, leave a comment letting us know what they are!

Author: Hal, Plymouth store