Brand introduction: Focal

Focal strive to create sound equipment that honours the artist’s musical intentions and empowers the listener to feel a new dimension of music – Listen Beyond.

Based in St. Etienne in France, Focal have been creating benchmark acoustic equipment since 1979 including some of the best home audio loudspeakers, headphones and  home theatre solutions. Their historic core values are based on the union of technology, engineering, innovative materials and design, constantly pushing the limits of sound to offer you a truly unique listening experience.

Focal’s flagship speakers are still handmade by skilled cabinet makers in French workshops.

Focal’s audio signature, skilfully combining musicality and dynamic performance, is the result of many years of research and development that has enhanced their expertise in speaker drivers. Using the highest quality components, coupled with an exquisite build, results in a range of products that not only look outstanding but sound amazing too.



Focal’s willingness to go beyond tradition is something the company has developed over the years; innovation, such as the inverted dome tweeter and flax cone technology, ensures the sound quality is second to none and truly unique.

Focal’s ambition is to make every occasion you listen to music a moment of privilege, where music is respected and emotions are roused. The brand sets itself apart by fusing advanced levels of technological innovation with old world European craftsmanship, with its flagship models still being made by hand by skilled cabinet makers in its workshop in France.

As well as making legendary hi-fi loudspeakers, Focal can also be found in some of the world’s very best recording studios. With a long history of creating some of the best studio monitors money can buy, Focal’s experience in the studio gives them unique insight that means your music sounds incredible and just how the artist intended. Close your eyes: the rhythm section is in the middle towards the back, the guitars are up front and to the side, with the singer in the centre, right in front of the listener… everything is present, in the right place, at the right distance.

Paddy from our Bristol shop took a further look into the amazing 906 and 926 speakers from Focal’s Aria range:

We are excited to carry a wide range of Focal products to help you get the most out of your music. If you’re ready to experience music with the all the rich details the artist intended, call or pop in to your local Richer Sounds today to arrange a demonstration in one of comfortable and relaxed home-styled demo rooms today.