Bringing the big screen experience home – TV vs Projector

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If you’re as passionate as me about getting the perfect home cinema set-up, then you will be faced with the dilemma of whether to go for a big screen TV or whether to plump for a projector. They both present their own advantages and in some cases may seem evenly matched…

I am totally addicted to the biggest picture with the best sound – so with my Dolby Atmos equipped amplifier and speaker package already good to go, the visual element of my home cinema is the only thing left. For comparison I tested the Sony VPLHW55ES projector and the Samsung UE65JS8500 4K Smart LED TV, with both in a similar price range.


The UE65JS8500 features Samsung’s latest technology.

Firstly, when it comes to features the Samsung TV is packed to the rafters, I cannot help but feel impressed by the massive range of Smart features present on the latest TVs. From integrated web services, instant access to social media, and a wide range of inputs to match any projector – many people will find the TV an easy win. However, when you consider the sheer screen size that the projector can reach in crystal clear quality without distortion (up to 300″) in comparison to the TVs well respected 65″ you can see the clear benefit of the projector and its abilities. Now of course you wouldn’t expect most people to have the room for a 300″ display which is verging on a small cinema screen, but the potential of the projector’s screen size, matched with the added advantage of it being lightweight and mobile, presents a strong case for the projector.

Now of course when considering a projector for your home cinema setup, light conditions are a key factor. Not everyone is able to accommodate the minimal setting for optimum projector viewing – with low light conditions, and minimal ambient/natural light. A projector screen is best for sharp, detailed picture but can also aid in home cinema rooms with any ambient light coming in as grey screens help to increase sharpness without having a totally dark space. You still need to keep the lights switched off and have the room dark – and we won’t all fancy watching our favourite movies and TV shows like this day in day out. With a TV this is not an issue, making for easier daily viewing and crisp, clean images at any time of day or night.

With running costs in mind the Samsung TV can’t help but win me over – LED TVs have very low running costs and use far less electricity in comparison to projectors. The VPLHW55ES has noise suppression technology and runs at a very quiet 21 decibels, although the noise of projectors remains an issue for everyday viewing. Further to this, lamp life can be an issue, the Sony boasts an impressive approximate lamp life of 5000 hours; but it will always be in the back of a projector owner’s mind that the bulb may blow at some point. When you break down the average number of TV and movies watched weekly, the figure of 5000 hours over a year or two does not seem so big, especially when compared to an average LED TV with triple this figure for its display.


The Sony VPLHW55ES1 brings spectacular cinematic vision to your home.

All things considered, the short throw distance needed to project onto a wall/screen in a room my size is very tempting, with effortlessly produced images and amazingly clear colour ratio in 1080p. The television on the other hand is 4K ready and content permitting produces Ultra HD images beautifully. This feature alone for me outweighs the benefits of the projector within this price range. The TV is superior across the board for everyday use, with its Smart features, 4K images, and ease of use in all conditions.

If I had the dedicated space for a home cinema room, the projector would be my first choice any day of the week – but with ease of use and daily watching a major factor I’d have to pick the TV.

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