Product review: Cambridge Go


The best just got better…

How exactly do you improve upon a class-leading product? Showered with awards, validated with sales, gazed upon with envious eyes by rivals (we’d imagine!); the boffins at Cambridge Audio headed back to their drawing boards and set their collective sights on one-upping greatness. Much tinkering later, we’re now ready to meet the Cambridge Go.

Of course, there’s really only so much you want to tinker with best-in-show sound. Ripping up the rulebook when you’re the one making the rules isn’t exactly necessary and the changes purely in audible terms aren’t vast. The clarity and detail that were the hallmarks of the original still kicked with as much enthusiasm along our favourite tracks as the first time and it was clear that V2 thankfully wasn’t about to throw the baby out with the bath water.

So it still sounds spot on – what then, was the real drive to take things ‘next gen’? “Technology” it seems, in it’s Spenglerian way, is the answer.

Since the original Minx Go came to market, Bluetooth connectivity has found itself improved by NFC, or Near Field Communication, as the easiest  way to wirelessly transmit music from your smartphone / tablet / phablet etc. This new method of connectivity requires compatible devices to be merely placed onto the speaker itself in order to get your music playing back, handy for those that prefer even less faff than (the admittedly quite easy to use already) Bluetooth.

Speaking of which…

Bluetooth itself has received a very welcome boost in the form of AptX compatibility, giving what was a slightly rickety format a brilliant boost in sound quality. AptX is something that more and more devices are capable of using, and it really lifts the dynamics of music when transmitted this way. Up to 8 devices can now also be remembered so that the whole family can gain fast and easy access.

Round the back of the Go we find the same connections as last time around, but the USB has been upgraded to allow for charging of mobile devices on the go, piggybacking off the inbuilt battery – itself retaining a stellar (up to) 18 hour life from the Minx Go, at a pretty reasonable volume and off a relatively short charge.

We particularly like the transition from gloss to matte paint, something more portable devices would do well to take note of. Glossy paint jobs pick up finger prints like no-body’s business and cleaning after every use is hardly anyone’s idea of a good time. The same formfactor is maintained otherwise… and very pleasant it remains. Small enough to carry around, weighty enough to feel like it’s had a bit of time spent on it – lovely stuff.

So there it is, the top of the class, rejigged, tidied up, fresh and ready for the start of the new term. With the end of year awards rapidly approaching, we’re fairly confident Cambridge have got another winner on their hands, and deservedly so. It’s not exactly cracking the flags out, but hey, it’s technically still summer – and with the Cambridge Go your outdoor listening just got that little bit better… Again!

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Author – Chris, Liverpool store