Cyrus Streamline 2

is renowned for making high quality, great sounding components
, and this compact Streamline 2 is no different. It has the looks and charms of all the other Cyrus components, and will fit into any hi-fi system very well indeed.

Its sheer weight, and quality of the materials used tells us that this is a serious piece of kit, with its huge torodial transformer inside it has no power sag, no noise, just pure audio. The diminutive nature of the Cyrus range prove there really should not be any compromise with components. Regardless of the size of said components, Cyrus have proven where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Setting the system up is easy to do. It has a rock solid connection: we had no dropouts or loss of Wi-Fi signal on our test unit, no matter where we placed it.
The Cyrus Streamline 2 is DLNA certified, meaning you can use a NAS drive, PC or laptop to enjoy a whole world of digital music.

The Cyrus Streamline 2 accepts a huge range of files, including AAC, MP3, WMA, and AIFF. It will also stream high quality FLAC and WAV files at up to 192kHz/24bit (better than CD quality).

I found listening to this unit an amazing experience. Just listening to the internet radio on a low 128Kbps stream it sounds better than it should. There are dynamics, punch, and good control. The music sounds wide and has detail previously missing. Put a top quality uncompressed stream through it and reap the benefits. Things just keep getting better with this unit: it digs out so much detail and is controlled and musical. I could literally listen to this thing all day long.

Also available with the Cyrus Streamline 2 is the N-Remote; available seperately, it has a colour screen, allowing you to browse your music and internet radio in style. This remote is also able to learn and control other items in your home too. The unit also features an external aerial, to achieve maximum Wi-Fi reception.

The Cyrus has 2 x Optical inputs, 3 x SPDIF inputs, 1 x USB and 1 x RS232 for maximum compatibilty. It has an optical output for connecting up to a high end DAC (digital to analogue converter), as well as the standard phono connections.

Cyrus – External Power Supplies

If your Cyrus component available today has a little socket on the back, with ‘USE PSX-R ONLY’ written next to it, you have the option of the additional power supply upgrade. “Why would I need this unit?” you may well ask. Nearly all Cyrus components are upgradeable, and this is just one way that’s possible.

Each unit will benefit greatly from the addition of a Cyrus power supply. It provides a full DC 300VA current, through its massive toroidal transformer, ensuring no dip under load, coupled with it’s conditioning properties, it can substantially improve the audio.

In Cyrus integrated amplifiers it does this in splitting the pre/power sections, separating the control and the power circuitry. Used with CD player ensures there’s no interference from the servos/motor components or the sensitive audio circuity, providing smooth DC current to the motor, and removing the strain from the internal power supply.

Adding the PSU (power supply unit) to any cyrus unit will benefit you in terms of dynamics, sounstage, clarity and detail; mainly by isolating key components, and allowing the delicate audio circuitry to be unhindered in any way.

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Author – David, Norwich store