Product Review: Dali Zensor Pico

Expanding on the already popular range, speaker manufacturers Dali are showing that size isn’t everything with its smallest Zensor speaker yet…

The Pico is built on a solid platform of excellence from a long list of star performing predecessors, small in stature but large at heart, these mini bookshelf speakers are masters of deception. They create such a fantastic soundstage you could be forgiven for believing they are twice the size.

This tiny speaker boasts an impressive 125 watt RMS power handling, enabling it to kick out some serious range and it maintains its clarity well above average listening level. Dali’s exceptional soft dome tweeter lets the the musical imagery become incredibly detailed. The Pico retains the top end frequency seen in the larger speakers of the Zensor range and drops very close to the larger bookshelf Zensors for bass.

The small but mighty Dali Zensor Pico 5.1 speaker pack.

The small but mighty Dali Zensor Pico 5.1 speaker pack.

It’s no surprise then that it lends itself well to home cinema systems; small enough to become a discrete rear speaker yet able to cope with the detailed high and low frequency effects. There is also a full 5.1 Pico speaker package available if you’re looking to build an entirely new system.

Keeping the same red wood fibre cone and gloss black front it is as pleasing to look at as it is to listen. In our demo room we tested them out with with Pink Floyd’s – ‘Money’, the speakers were punchy and detailed but also soft when they needed to be. Performance is even more improved when paired with a silver speaker cable like the Cambridge Ultra Micro or copper Audioquest Slip 14/4, which helps unleash the full potential of the Dali tweeter without over playing the already warm wood base cone – it’s a drum that we often bang but great speakers really do shine with good quality cables to match them.

Overall this could be the answer for many looking for a space saving or budget friendly solution without compromising on quality. I am sure these little gems will be a benchmark for small speaker excellence for years to come.

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Author – Joe, Bath store