Film review: A Bad Moms Christmas

Having been a fan of the first film, and sequels generally being poor in comparison of the original, I will be entirely honest and admit I was reluctant to watch the sequel to Bad Moms. But before you pass judgement, please read my review to find out why it was an escape from time and a pre-Christmas enjoyment in anticipation of the holiday season…

I have always been a fan of Mila Kunis’ work and in the first Bad Moms film, we were introduced to the “Mom’s” along with their kids and partners. After falling in love with the characters of Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (played by Kristen Bell) and Carla (played Kathryn Hahn), it felt like it was a must to check out the sequel to see if it would live up to the original. Watching the original film, you could easily relate to one of the characters’ personalities (if not two or three!) or you have a friend who reminds you of a certain character.

A Christmas-based sequel released just after Halloween and Bonfire Night felt a little early for a Christmas movie. It’s also worth a mention that the movie appeared out of nowhere. I did not hear anything about it being in the works or any pre-production news. It wasn’t until I saw the trailer a few weeks previous at the cinema that I knew it was headed our way.

Down to the nitty gritty: the first 30 minutes of the film was very slow to start as we are re-introduced to the main characters, as well as being introduced to the Moms’ moms, so it takes a little time to lay down the scenes and introduce the new characters. It was not a coincidence that the senior moms would be introduced in this sequel, just as the upcoming film Daddy’s Home 2 appears to introduce the dads of that film’s main characters. It seems Hollywood is running out of good ideas for a comedy film that has all the right balance to be not only a box office smash but a film that lives on for years to come. Sadly, I thought the production and direction were okay, but I felt has if the whole film had been rushed to get a release before Christmas.

However, overlooking the negatives, it certainly passed the time and got me into the festive mood of Christmas. Amy’s mum (played by Christine Baranski) was an inspiration to watch, playing the part of that mum / grandma who feels it’s her time to shine and offer a Christmas not to forget for a lifetime, no matter the consequences and much to her daughter’s anguish. It is also worth mentioning that regarding Susan Sarandon, who plays Carla’s mum Isis, it’s “like mother, like daughter”, with Susan’s time on screen being some of the funniest scenes in the film.

Overall, I felt the humour was forced at times, but I still found myself laughing more at silly parts of the comedy that were mainly down to actors offering better comedy timing which should have stuck throughout the film. But I felt the acting was strong among all characters and was enjoyable and fun enough to overlook the negatives, having an already established and cherished cast and an introduction of new loveable characters. Certainly worth a watch and ideal for a date night out. It’s not the best comedy or the best Christmas movie but it offers a holiday feeling to ignite the festive spirit in you. I look forward to the Bad Moms of Mom’s sequel!





Author: Paul, York store