Film Review: Blade Runner 2049

After a 30 year gap the sequel to Blade Runner is finally here, but does it live up to the expectations of the first film? Could it even become a cult classic in its own right? Read my review and find out why it is a must that you see this film!

Being a fan of the original film I was not very optimistic that the sequel would be another cult classic. I also doubted that this would leave me feeling like I’d want to see it again just to understand what had gone on in its dark, mysterious and grim backdrop, as I had after seeing the original. Even if you have not seen the first film, movie goers can watch this and still understand what is happening and keep up with the storyline. It certainly is a joy to watch and well worth the 2 hours and 45 minutes viewing time.

The last film I watched directed by Denis Villeneuve was the action-thriller ‘Sicario’ a film I enjoyed thoroughly and was visually excellent. Here he has directed a film that is just superb in every aspect from the acting to the visual effects and storyline, and leaves us thinking for days after watching the film. There is no doubt the cinematography and visual effects here are certainly draw dropping and stunningly gorgeous – there should be no doubt that Roger Deakins will be a shoo-in for an Oscar for best cinematography. I felt myself hooked from the get go even in scenes where there is no acting or storyline – just the backdrop and stunning visuals of the futuristic city make a truly awe-inspiring film.

I don’t want to get into any plot details at all and spoil the movie for you, certainly we would be here a long time and would reach no actual conclusion or 100% understanding of everything! However this is what made the first Blade Runner film what it was and again the director makes this a science fiction sequel that is also placed on that higher pedestal and would take some beating if there was ever anybody with the guts to make a third Blade Runner! Who knows, maybe in 30 years there will be another sequel!

The acting from lead man Ryan Gosling who plays K is very good indeed. I last saw him in “La La Land” where I loved the role he played and it was a film I fell in love with. Again this film shows he is a very versatile actor and lets us into the character’s mind-set. I honestly don’t think they could have chosen anybody better for the lead role. Harrison Ford’s appearance portraying the character Rick Deckard from the first Blade Runner movie was very well received by fans and although the part he plays is very short in the film I thought it was the best acting he has done compared to his other most recent roles including Han Solo in the new ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and also playing ‘Indiana jones’ again in the 4th sequel. I definitely did not feel he was in the film purely for publicity as some critics have suggested. With all my film reviews I like to mention about stand out performances and if there is one actor who really stands out in this film, it’s Sylvia Hoeks playing ‘Luv’, who is Niander Wallace’s (Jared Leto) right hand girl. She is creepily scary, and her performance is fantastic.

You have to go see this film to understand what a truly marvellous and jaw dropping sequel it is. It is not a happy film – it is dark, sad, lonely and grim with action, science fiction, romance, drama and with human emotions topped up with today’s ongoing turmoils and future technological advances both good and bad. This is the formula that makes it the film it is and in its own right a true master piece. For the total action junkies, they may find it lacking but this is not meant to be an action packed fest and it never had to worry about living up to its predecessor because it has all the right formulas to make it a cult classic in years to come and a film you will want to watch again and again which you never hear anybody saying about a sequel!





Author: Paul, York Store