Game review: Batman – The Telltale Series (Episode 1)

Batman - Telltale series

Will this new depiction of Batman prove a unique experience in its comic/gaming setting, or is it just another effort to jump on the DC brand bandwagon?

The game opens by introducing Catwoman and taking a trip on the campaign trail with Harvey Dent. This establishes some of Batman’s roots and timeline that we are familiar with. It does not take long however to explore new ground, with a mysterious incident introducing a new style of play. While exploring a crime scene you find an L.A. Noire element to the game, linking clues and theories to draw conclusions that allow you to make decisions to progress further into the game. As with all Telltale games the decisions you make have ramifications for the rest of the series. It will be interesting to see how misinterpreting crime scenes might develop later into the story.

The gameplay itself feels identical to other games from the developers but as always the decisions and scripting are engaging. The combat system engages you without requiring much skill or timing, It would have been nice to see failures have an effect on the story but perhaps that will come later. Having the options to deal with the combat situations in varied ways makes things feel a lot more organic, even while working within a very scripted environment. The breakdown of your decisions and how that compares to the social norm is another interesting addition, finding out only 7.3% of players agree with you raises interesting questions about morality and decision-making.

Batman - Telltale series

The graphics are tastefully stylised around comic book imagery, which is a constant reminder that this game is not to be considered in the same strain as most other games. With its episodic nature and emphasis on story rather than run and gun this Batman game has earned it’s place, offering a new way of exploring the much loved character and his world. The story draws you in admirably, your choices turning Batman’s story into a happily ever after or living hell as you respond to unfolding events.

Ideal for the casual gamer or any fan of the Batman franchise this is accessible to most people. References are explained, well placed and add to the story without being a exclusive nod to hardcore fans.






Author: Joe, Bath store