Gaming Report: Games of September

Slowly crawling towards Christmas, the amount, scale and quality of games all start to pick up pace. Not too dissimilar to an out of control snowball barrelling down a long abandoned ski slope. Here’s what I’m excited for, and let me tell you right now that there’s a lot of 2’s here.

Destiny 2 – Due 6th for PS4 and Xbox One

The original Vanilla destiny was an okay game that over time grew and grew to become a powerhouse that rectified many of the shortcomings it had at release.  Destiny 2 looks to have learnt from this and is coming out all guns blazing right from the get go introducing an ultimate evil that shakes the first person RPG right to its core and gives all the guardians an opportunity to start again. Expect great things from Destiny 2.

Knack 2 – Due 5th for PS4

Knack was a PS4 release title that was terrible; Knack 2 is hopefully not terrible. I’ll be honest I’m not to up to date on the ongoing story of the Knack Universe but I do know that I enjoy smashing things with friends and Knack 2 lets me do just that by including local co-op, also it looks like you can transform into all kinds of crazy junk which is always exciting.

Cuphead – Due 29th for Xbox One and PC

The literal only reason I still own an Xbox One. Cuphead is the game that makes me want to cartwheel back to the early days of animation when rubber hose technique was still as rampant as medical cigarettes. Taking the approach of a side scrolling run and gun game with a hellish difficulty and grandiose boss battles set to make you curse and possibly cry as you fail over and over. Luckily you can play with a friend to make the unbearable difficulty a little less rough.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – Due 19th for PS4, Xbox One and PC

I’m hesitant to put this in as a lot of what I’ve seen so far is disappointing, mostly though is the repetition of so many characters that had already been in the previous MvC3 and the total lack of any X-men characters! Of course it still looks like a solid brawler and I’m sure that the throwback to 2v2 battles and an emphasis on being more accessible to a larger audience will make Infinite a substantial game.

Project Cars 2 – Due 22nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Was Project Cars a good game? Let’s ask my 100 hour plus Go kart career answer that for you…the answer is a resounding yes. PC2 is more of the same but now with enhanced graphics and a much improved physics engine, which includes the revamping and rebuilding of the games tire physics for more realistic handling and wear over the course of the race. Also improved is the amount of cars with 170 new vehicles available for you to overshoot a corner in.

Honourable Mentions

Pokken Tournament DX – Due 22nd for Switch

Man I love Pokken for the Wii-U and now it’s out on the Switch with extra characters and old characters but still no Snorlax, still worth getting though.

FIFA 18/Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 – Due 29th/12th for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch (FIFA only)

Two games so nice I put them into one because I’m equally excited for both iterations of the popular football franchises, this year I’m looking directly at PES though as the seasoned pro releases earlier and for a tenner less than FIFA.

This is my list of games that I’ll be trying to play through in the month of September; I suggest you do the same.

Hal, Plymouth