Our Plan For December: Join Us

Christmas Tree

Oh my gosh it’s December 2014! That means Christmas is almost upon us. Have you bought all of your presents yet? Have you wrapped them? Ordered the turkey?

Don’t worry! Help is at hand! Every day up till Christmas we’ll be giving tips on how to better your home set up. That might be by adjusting the speakers, buying new music, games or movies or even hinting at big purchases like that beautiful new TV or hi fi system you’ve been putting off buying! Hey it’s Christmas so live a little!

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Alternatively a safe bet is vouchers and you betcha we’ve got them. Send your chosen minion into the store and we’ll happily give them something you can keep and think about during the holiday season. We might mention something you’ve never even thought you’d want so we’d really advise keeping a firm eye over the coming weeks on what’s upcoming each day.If you want a surprise this Christmas then why not tell your partner, family or friends to follow the Richer Sounds blog as we’ll be suggesting items suitable for every possible home occasion in the coming days. You never know, your kind elves might buy you that £3000 telly you’ve been dreaming about. We’ll be hinting small items too, so small wireless speakers, simple hi fi solutions and smart headphone options will all be included. You may get a nice surprise this Christmas and we’d love to help you with that!

If you want even more info from us then why not sign up to our VIP Club. We’re always giving away discount vouchers, freebies and package deals which are exclusive to VIP customer only. What’s that? You don’t know how to become a VIP member? That’s easy. Just pop your details in here and we’ll get you signed up straight away. It couldn’t be easier!

If you have any questions for Richer Sounds staff then now is the time to ask as time is ticking. Santa is eager to get here, so phone, Facebook, Tweet us or pop into your local store for a friendly chat. Find your nearest store here.