Product Preview: Focal Aria 900 Series

aria-906French loudspeaker giants Focal are soon to fill our stores and stockrooms with more of their super-desirable kit, as we welcome the arrival of their Aria range of speakers.

Designed with both Hi-Fi and Home Cinema in mind, the Aria series consists of three floorstanders, two standmounts, a centre speaker and a set of bi-pole speakers, which should be more than enough to cover all bases.

Focal’s typically beautiful design flourishes are found throughout and nowhere more than on the drive units that the series share. Utilising ‘Flax sandwich’ cones, the bass drivers have a wonderful woven effect, giving them a great eye-catching finish. This beauty isn’t merely skin deep, however, with the ‘Flax’ membrane said to offer an increase in definition that should deliver greater clarity across the frequency range.

Focal’s signature aluminium / magnesium inverted tweeters make a welcomed return, as does the use of Poron for suspension. These offered wonderfully clear highs when used on their Chorus range, and no doubt their use in this newer setup will be a boon to the upper registers yet again.

The floorstanders come in big (926), bigger (936) and even bigger again (946), with all three sharing the same 3-way, single tweeter, front-ported setup but in larger cabinets each time, so there’s plenty on offer to fill just about any room size.

Standing tall - Focal’s Aria 936 floorstanding speakers.

Standing tall – Focal’s Aria 936 floorstanding speakers.

Similarly, the bookshelf designs look to cover all bases, with a mini-monitor size speaker (905) sitting alongside something similar to the brand’s Chorus 706 (the 906). Matching stands are available for those wishing to get the most out of these smaller models – definitely recommended for improved stability and overall control.

And for the Home Cinema enthusiast, the centre and bi-pole speakers will allow for a fully matched system that should deliver on depth, clarity and dynamics.

We expect these to hit our stores this summer, and we’ll be eagerly putting them to work in our demonstration rooms the second they hit!

You can call your local store to pre-arrange an audition of this fabulous new range of speakers or indeed any of our amazing products. Alternatively for more information you can speak to our friendly Telesales team on 0333 900 093 who will be more than happy to help.

Author: Chris, Liverpool store