Product Preview: Marantz MCR611

Marantz have had success after success in the bustling budget Hi-Fi arena in recent years. Just as their separates continue to win awards, so have their mini-systems. They’re hoping to continue this gold run, replacing a What Hi-Fi Award-winning favourite, the MCR610,  with their latest incumbent, the MCR611.

While they’ll win no awards for product name originality, the Japanese manufacturer looks to be making a solid start on reclaiming glory in the specification stakes. The basics remain the same, and that in itself is no bad thing. So there’s a pretty good CD player, DAB+ Internet Radio and FM tuners that you’d expect to feature.

There’s also Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming music from your Smartphone and Airplay for Apple users. Built-in Wi-Fi and Spotify Connect support are also included, making it incredibly easy to listen to just about anything you want to! Two optical inputs, a set of RCAs and a USB socket round out this fairly substantial connectivity checklist.

The MCR611 is compatible with DSD music.

The MCR611 is compatible with DSD music.

New for this year, however, is support for the burgeoning DSD format. Effectively the reincarnation of SACD but in download-only form, DSD is proving to be increasingly popular with those looking to dig even more detail out of their music. More and more websites are offering DSD recordings of albums alongside standard releases.

The onboard amplifier is still capable of a meaty 60wpc into 6 ohms, and quite helpfully two extra sockets allow for either bi-amping or speakers A and B. This is great playing music in separate rooms, especially given that the volume can be adjusted independently in each zone!

Like its predecessor, the MCR611 looks to be big on its networking capabilities. FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF and the aforementioned DSD are all ready for playback over home network, and in bitrates up to 24/192khz. Prog-rock fans can rejoice that gapless playback is supported also.

In terms of looks and design the proverbial apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree with the MCR611 when you compare it to it’s predecessor. But the slight nuances that have been amended certainly prove worthwhile, with a more streamline and sophisticated overall look and feel.

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Author: Chris, Liverpool store