Product Review: Audio Pro Addon T3 Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers seem to be everywhere at the moment. You can pick one up almost anywhere, even from your local supermarket! They really are everywhere you turn your head. Most of these are just boxes that create sound and that’s great. But what if you want something a bit more, something to excite you rather than just a run of the mill music player?

You really need to produce a stand out performer from this already overcrowded market to do even remotely well. Luckily I’m pretty sure Audio Pro have done just that with the Addon T3.

Looking at the T3 it’s initially a bit hard to gauge what kind of sound it will produce. It’s not a huge speaker, with dimensions of 215 x 135 x 115mm but it feels extremely well built and robust. Like it could take a bit of a beating and still work perfectly just like a Toyota Hilux pick up truck.

Enough about trucks; what else does that T3 have to offer? Not only is it solidly built but it also comes with a genuine leather handle for portability. It gives it a really nice classic touch. What would you want the handle for though? Well, due to its internal battery, the Addon T3 can be charged up and used on the go, making it perfect for the outdoors and holidays. The battery will also lasts an amazing 30 hours when used at half the volume and and even more impressive 12 hours of continuous, uninterrupted playback at maximum volume. This is via the Bluetooth connection or the rear 3.5mm aux input that is on the back of the T3. You’ll also notice next to the 3.5mm input is a USB, used for charging your portable devices (but sadly, not for playback).

Speaking of playback, it’s time to put the T3 through its paces.

Boasting class D amplifiers to power its twin textile dome tweeter alongside the 3.5” woofer, it really punches way above its weight. Pink Floyd‘s timeless classic “Money” comes crashing through the T3 with the precision you’d expect of a much more expensive product. The track holds its own and there’s just enough bass here which makes me think it would handle anything from Pink Floyd right through to your favourite dance track. Playing “Galvanise” by the Chemical Brothers shows me just that. I always use that track to gauge bass response and the T3 gives enough to do the track justice. The Addon T3 is a great little speaker and is certainly going to make its rivals sit up and take notice. What Hi-Fi? seems to agree with me, naming the T3 and Award Winner in 2016. What’s more, the T3 is available in an array of finish options to match any décor.

If you want to come listen for yourself, or have a listen to any of the wide range of portable speakers we carry, pop down to your local Richer Sounds today.

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Author: Bradley, Plymouth