Product review: Cambridge Audio CXUHD 4K Blu-ray Player

It seems like only yesterday that 4K Blu-ray was just a whisper in the wind, but as time flew by, it’s all but become the standard. As you can imagine there is obviously quite a difference between a basic entry level player compared to a more high end universal 4K disc player, like Cambridge Audio’s brand new offering…

For years Cambridge Audio have churned out some mighty Blu-ray players. When I started at Richer Sounds, we had the beloved 752BD, which won more awards than I can count! Next up was the incredibly beautiful CXU, and now they are about to drop the aptly named CXUHD.

The CXUHD will be their first foray in to the world of 4K Blu-ray, but Cambridge haven’t just crammed in the necessary pieces of tech, given it a fun new name and sent it out in to the world. They have been waiting patiently, watching their competition trip and fall in the bid to be the best, which is easily done, and with what I imagine is a group of boffins they promise to blow us away with this new product.

A quick glance at the unit and it’s easy to get the CXU and the CXUHD mixed up, given their similar chassis design, but in my opinion the CXU is one of the more handsome units on the market. In keeping with their mighty award winning CX hi-fi range, the CXUHD will sit in very nicely alongside Cambridge’s AV receivers.

Built like an absolute house, there’s no chance of any vibration whatsoever and the CXU can handle all the major (and minor) video formats available today in beautiful 3840 x 2160p which offers 4 times as many pixels as its younger brother. It complies with all the latest standards such as HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and of course can handle the likes of HDR/HDR10 and the incredible Dolby vision, really giving your cinema experience a kick in the right direction.

Around the business end of the player, you will find 1 HDMI in, 2 HDMI out (1 for Audio), optical and coaxial, and 2 USB slots. As far as the networking side of things is concerned, there is a ethernet connection or you can take advantage of the built in Wi-Fi and pull any movies or music you may have from a NAS drive or home server.

There is also full backwards compatibility allowing multiple disc formats to be read such as Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD DVD audio, SACD and Audio CD.

If you’re interested in a demonstration, or still a little unsure on the world of 4k Blu-ray, why not give us a call for a chat about how to get the most from your home cinema experience?

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store