Product review: Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS V2

Looking for a small, low-cost way to upgrade your laptop’s sound? Have a peek at what Cambridge Audio has on on offer…

As the digital age of media continues, more and more people are using their computers as their source of music. Little wonder then that hi-fi brands such as Cambridge Audio have developed ways of making sure you can get the best audio quality when doing so.

The DacMagic XS V2 allows you to bypass the DAC inside your computer and utilise Cambridge’s processing to re-clock the digital information to eliminate jitter. As it’s only the size of a matchbox, it’s super portable and even has its own volume control to make sure that it can give receiving equipment such as headphones a real boost. Ideal for laptops or desktops, it’s a small price for a significant upgrade in performance.

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Author: Steve, Bristol store