Product review: Harmon Kardon SB20

Harmon Kardon’s The SB20 is designed to compete with the likes of the Cambridge TVB2 in every respect; offering a quality sound from a small chassis and a wireless sub for tight uplift on low frequencies. Read on to find out more about how this mighty system can deliver great sound in your home…

If sound quality is your biggest concern, the wireless sub allows the soundbar to focus on the high frequencies and the separate sub for the lows, optimising each unit for a specific task. This helps cut down on individual unit size without compromising on quality. Slim and surprisingly expansive, this bar will manage movies and music with ease. Another great design feature that comes included is a product specific wall mount. This will maximise your living room space big time, just complete it with a wall mounted TV and you’ll have a modern, uncluttered haven, for all your entertainment desires.

The SB20 comes with a nifty Harmon Sound feature; a clever technology that monitors and cuts down volume spikes. These spikes can be an issue late at night if you have neighbours or people in the next room and occur mostly when switching channel or source resulting in the content relayed at a much louder level. Ad breaks can usually be really irritating when this happens as they are usually recorded in higher quality. Another feature is the surround button, which brings an added depth to the soundbar, giving the illusion of a much wider soundstage. It does this by digitally creating an envelope of sound around you, using clever distribution and minute delays to trick your ears. A very impressive performance.

Bluetooth brings an added utility to the product, making it very accessible for music. Compatible with most media devices, the SB20 will quickly make your room a hub for social listening. With its deep bass and wide soundstage this could be a great option for those who don’t have space for a small hi-fi. The connectivity of the SB20 includes a range of options. The 3.5mm jack is common with most portable devices such as phones or older iPods. Having this gives you a quick and easy connection as a back up for connecting any portable audio device. HDMI compatible with ARC (which stands for Audio Return Channel) is also included, meaning you can use a single cable to your TV, so its capable of carrying all formats of audio signal in high quality. Finally for those TVs without HDMI or ARC, the bar comes with a digital optical connection. This simple fiberoptic connection is often preferred as the most straightforward way to connect up.

Overall the Harmon Kardon SB20 is packed full of the most useful features in a high quality, yet in a nicely compact package. The sound is very satisfying for its price point and it handles all types of audio with great panache. For anyone who is looking for a slim, well priced sound solution for their entertainment, whether it’s for music, movies, gaming or TV, this could be the ideal match for you!

The SB20 is on display in most Richer Sounds stores, pop in today to talk to our team and test it out in our demo room.

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Author: Joe, Bath store