Product review: Humax FVP5000T Freeview Play recorder

Humax delivers another award-winning PVR, crammed full of storage space and useful features.

Humax have long been the place to turn when it comes to PVRs (personal video recorder). Many of you are probably familiar with these kind of units, which are very similar to Sky Plus, and which offer the ability to record programmes while you’re out of the house, or record one programme while watching another. Whilst these boxes aren’t new or ground breaking, the nice people at Humax are continuing to impress us with new features, which their new box, the FVP5000T, is crammed full of.

First, let’s get down to what exactly the FVP5000T is capable of. Inside the small 26x20cm package is a choice of hard drives, coming in at 500G, 1TB and 2TB each with varying price points. How much you are able to record will of course depend on which storage space you may choose, offering up to 250, 500 and 1000 (!!!) hours of content storage. For those of you who are a little unsure, that’s over 1000 episodes of Coronation Street at your finger tips…

Whilst these numbers may sound silly, it’s not going to be to hard to fill up your hard drive. With Humax cramming a triple tuner inside the FVP5000T that means you can record up to FOUR programs at the same time, whilst you watch a 5th! And if that still isn’t enough and you’re somehow still missing some of your favourite programs… fear not! This PVR has built in Wi-Fi and Freeview Play, giving you the ability to go in to your EPG (electronic program guide) and go back a week on what you’ve missed, hit play and it opens up your chosen format (BBC iPlayer for example) and away you go. And that’s only the basics. Each unit also has the ability to pause, rewind or fast forward should nature call during your favourite TV program, as well series link, which offers a service that will schedule record an entire series for you without having to reschedule each week.

And finally we have Humax’s dedicated new app, if you find yourself stuck in a particularly comfy spot on the sofa with the remote just out of reach, or maybe you’re out and about and forgot to set up a recording or just want to see what’s on that evening, the Humax app allows you to take control wherever you may be.

The user interface is very straight forward with nothing but clear and concise instructions from the very first time you turn the unit on. During set up, it offers prompts and support along the way and little hints about what it’s capable of and of course there’s always a help screen should you find yourself getting lost. At its heart the FVP5000T is still a PVR. Should you wish to take advantage of all this wonderful added new technology then its there at your disposal, but if not it will perform perfectly as a standard PVR with a HUGE hard dive!

If you would like anymore information then please call or pop in to your local Richer Sounds for a full demonstration!

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store