Product review: KEF T-Series speakers


No strangers to forward-thinking and innovative design work, speaker-manufacturer KEF has just released a range of super-thin speakers for those with serious space issues but are unwilling to compromise on top quality sound. Let’s take a look at the ‘T’ range…

When we say ‘super-thin’ we really mean it! Each of the three speakers that makes up the series is a staggering 35mm in depth – as slim as most modern TV sets (if not a bit slimmer!). This is no coincidence, with KEF’s goal to make a speaker package that can be wall mounted and still adhere to a minimalist aesthetic approach.

The KEF T2 Sub.

The KEF T2 Sub.

The range comprises of a centre speaker, the T301C, two sets of stereo speakers, the T101 and T301 respectively, and a subwoofer, the T2. It’s worth noting that we said that each of the three speakers offered is ultra-slim, as the subwoofer has to keep to a more traditional design in order to provide the room-filling bass that really makes a home cinema system kick, but even this is a rather diminutive 177mm in depth. It’s also packing in a 10″ drive unit that’s being fed by a 250-watt amplifier, again offering a compromise-free performance from a relatively small enclosure.

Despite being so slim, the T101 and T301 give a well-rounded performance – impressive considering what they’re having to do. Both models sport a custom-designed KEF 115mm (4.5in) drive unit and 25mm aluminium tweeter, giving clear, extended highs.

The KEF T301 speakers.

The KEF T301 speakers.

The T301 makes the most of its extra cabinet height, opting for two of the 115mm drivers per speaker, unlike the single driver T101. Both speakers can be used in a standard stereo configuration, but will offer their best performance when partnered with the T2 sub.

Finally, the T301C centre speaker can transform the system into a full-blown home cinema setup. Using the same tweeter and drive units as its stereo siblings, the T301C is perfectly matched to give the best performance. At 600mm in width, the speaker can be wall mounted neatly under or above most television sets.

For those whose home deserves great sound but without the use of big and bulky boxes, the T series is a hugely welcomed and deeply impressive performer. Give your local branch a call today to arrange a demonstration of these excellent speakers!

Author – Chris, Liverpool store