Product review: LG 43UH603 4K HDR TV

When you think of a 4K TV, budget probably isn’t the first word that comes to your mind. Well fear not my friends because LG have well and truly blown the “budget” 4K TV market wide open!

I present to you the LG 43UH603.

Over the past 18 months 4K, or Ultra HD as it is sometimes called, has really hit the mainstream and is becoming more and more the norm for the viewing public. With content readily available from the likes of Netflix, Sky and BT there is definitely a demand for a budget 4K screen. Now I use the term budget only in the monetary sense when comparing similar specked TV’s readily available. Because the picture quality of this TV is by no means budget…

The set up is such a breeze; I start by putting some Freeview HD on and the picture is natural and easy to watch. I sense this TV knows what it’s capable of, and isn’t trying to be too fancy. Now for some 4K, which really is a winner on a set of this price. It handles the new Ghostbusters 4K Blu-ray well enough and the picture is a definite upgrade on the HD content (this can’t be said of the new Ghostbusters film over the original however). The contrasts could definitely do with a bit of improvement but you can’t have it all said someone famous sometime.

The 43UH603 also offers HDR (high dynamic range) straight out of box, thus enabling it to punch way above its price tag.

Fully spec’ed to meet the new high standards in video, the LG 43UH603V is an HDR-equipped TV at a bargain price.

Without being spectacular the TV has all traits you’d look for in a modern TV. Lightweight at only 9KG (including the stand) and with a slim bezel meaning you’ll be looking at all screen. It is a little deeper than most TV’s but it’s not exactly a CRT.

There are two little feet that act as the TV stand which sit on the far left and right of the screen. Worth bearing in mind because if you don’t want to wall mount it you will need to check that it will fit on your TV furniture. It can also be wall mounted using a standard 200mm x 200mm VESA wall mount.

There’s definitely enough connections to go around; 3 HDMIs (2 being HDCP for 4K), 1 USB, which offer’s video playback and recording, as well as an older component connection just in case. Headphone and optical outputs are included if you wish to take the sound somewhere other than the in-built speakers. Want to stream 4K via Netflix? Not a problem as this offers both a built-in wi-fi connection and wired LAN socked. All of your favourite apps like BBC iPlayer are also easily accessible via the smart facility.

There isn’t really much to dislike about this set. It offers you 4K, Smart content, and HDR at a price you’d usually only find Full HD TVs at. It just can’t be beaten. Don’t just take my word for it, visit your local Richer Sounds store and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

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Author: Bradley, Plymouth store