Product review: LG 43UJ670V TV

While I review a lot of high end televisions on this blog, it’s important to note that 4K televisions aren’t out of reach of most people. The technology has been around long enough that they have ultimately become the norm now, and it doesn’t really make sense any more to buy a new television that isn’t 4K…

One of the more popular brands that offer very competitive 4K sets is LG, in particular the new 2017 43UJ670 which is 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition), HDR (High Dynamic Range) compliant and fully smart, with up-to-date HDCP 2.2 connections.

Sporting a silver bezel this year, the UJ670 offers all the up-to-date features to keep you going for at least the next few years. The sleek brushed metal finish and central stand means this television makes for quite a nice piece of furniture as well as a brilliant television.

Around the back you will find four HDCP 2.2 4K compliant HDMI inputs for Blu-ray players, games consoles or Sky boxes. The unit also benefits from a dedicated digital optical cable should you wish to hook a sound bar up to the television. With only 20 watts of power coming from the TV’s speakers, the sound is a little lacking, but its no better or worse than most other sets. Unfortunately as sets are getting slimmer, sound has taken a back seat, so you’ll want to consider a soundbar or equivalent.

As mentioned, this television is fully smart. Taking advantage of the built in Wi-Fi allows access to LG’s brilliant Web OS 3.0, which unlike some other manufacturers is incredible intuitive, with extremely clear and concise navigation. Once connected, “Bean Bird” (LG’s strange little mascot) will walk you though the features and what’s available. Web OS 3.0 gives you access to BBC iPlayer, ITV player, All4 and 5 on demand, as well as your chargeable services that offer Ultra HD content, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Catch up television can be accessed via the individual online player, or you can take advantage of the Freeview play, which involves the user bringing up the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), going back a week on what’s been broadcast, pressing play and away you go.

Once fired up, the LG UJ670 offers a clear picture with brilliant levels of detail and a bright vivid colour palette in standard definition and really comes to life when a dedicated Ultra HD source is put through it. The IPS panel means the set has a very wide viewing angle, meaning whoever is sat in that awkward seat on the other side of the living room doesn’t have to be left out of movie night.

If your looking at jumping on board the Ultra HD television train but don’t want to break the bank, the LG43UJ670 should be given some serious consideration. As always, Richer Sounds has plenty of television options to fit all needs and budgets, so please feel free to pop in to any one of our stores for a chat.

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store