Product Review: LG 86UH955

LG 86UH955V

LG have released their new 86inch(!!) Goliath TV. A TV for those who certainly don’t do things by halves!

There are certain quotes you don’t hear very often here at Richer Sounds, “this TV is TOO cheap” or “no I don’t want a free mug”. The least common is “no a 75 inch TV is too small, I’m going to need an 86 inch please”. Let’s face it, not many people can accommodate a 65″ but there’s always the select few who can, those who want the biggest. Well, I won’t lie, I’m probably one of them, but I don’t have deep enough pockets for LG’s latest television to drop.

The LG 86UH955V is their BIGGEST flagship television this year, and is jam packed with all the bells and whistles you can shake a stick at, but it is missing one key factor considering its price point…It’s not an OLED. This is your good old fashioned LED screen, and that isn’t a bad a thing. OLED has its drawbacks. The motion, for example, is far from perfect on any OLED set, LED still wins that round. The level of detail you can retain in black and white is still absolutely incredible on OLED, but take a good hard look at some flagship LED sets. They are nothing to stick your nose up at, at all. My point being, don’t be put off by LED if you’re looking for high-end televisions.

The UH955 is still a 10bit panel capable of over 1 billion colours. It also offers Dolby vision support and sports Harman Kardon speakers to boot, and at 86″ it might actually sound okay.


If you can really afford this, and really can deal with the size of it staring at you in your living room, then perhaps this is the TV for you. I’d personally take serious consideration towards a 4k projector with enough money left over for a decent surround package as well. Why stop at 86″ when you can have 200″?

Until I physically see this television in the flesh, I’m going stay on the fence. I’d normally finish these reviews saying why not pop into store for a demo? But as you can imagine, at 86 inch’s, that’s going to be difficult.

To find out more about the LG 86UH955, click here.

Author: Garrett, Plymouth store