Product review: LG MT49S TV series

We’ve seen a massive shift in the size of televisions readily available over the past few years or so. As our lust for bigger televisions becomes more and more apparent, the manufacturers have followed suit and are producing a lot larger screens for us to feast on. But what if you’re after something a bit smaller?

What if you want all the features and picture quality of the larger sets but just don’t have the want or need for them? There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of choice out there below 32 inches but LG may have just sorted that out with their latest MT49S range, available in both 24-inch and 28-inch screen sizes, I may add.

So I guess the first thing to take note of is that while these don’t have the screen size of larger Smart TVs, they are still slim, minimalistic and packed with features. They are sharp-looking TVs and you can either use its dedicated stand or for an even neater look, simply wall mount the MT49S using the standard VESA 100 x 100mm fixings on the back. This is a common arrangement, meaning you have a lot of choice when selecting a wall mount. When looking at the back of the set you’ll find some pretty standard connections. There’s 2 HDMI and a USB but there’s also a component/composite connection so anyone with an old games console or VHS player can still hook them up without any issues, which is pretty handy.

Seems pretty standard so far, but here is where everything gets taken up a notch. These Smart TVs are jam packed with features and apps. Obviously, all your favourites like BBC iPlayer and Netflix are there, but LG have another trick up their sleeve with the welcome addition of Freeview Play.

You usually find this on all of the larger sets so to have it on something smaller is a massive bonus. If you’re unfamiliar with Freeview Play, then all you need to do to access it is go onto your normal guide, and then simply scroll backwards to a programme you may have missed and press play. Meaning you won’t miss any of your favourite shows. I must add that it is only for 7 days though so don’t expect to go back to watching Match Of The Day in 2004 when Arsenal we’re actually good. I miss those days… anyway! I digress. Back to the TV.

So after you’ve found your favourite show, how does it look? Although it’s only a 720p set and not of the full HD variety, the picture still packs a punch. Standard Freeview is decent viewing but the HD channels are where it really comes to life. Everything seems to be brighter and have more life to it. What about if you want to use this as a monitor for the latest generation console? Well this might be the TV for you as motion is handled well and the games’ vibrant display stands out on the LG.

These are superb little TVs and if space is at a premium but you still want all of the same features a bigger TV offers, then this might be the one for you. To have a look for yourself just call or pop down to your local Richer Sounds and see what we have to offer.

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Author: Bradley, Plymouth store