Product Review: LG OLED65G6V


It’s FINALLY here. The new range of OLED TVs from LG have been released to us, and in one word, I would have to describe them as beautiful.

I’m also not just describing the picture quality here, I’m also going to have to spend time talking about how the LG OLED65G6V actually looks. Quite frankly at first glance, it is a miracle that they have been able to make a TV that is so incredibly thin! As you would expect from a flagship model it oozes class and the minimal depth of the TV has to be seen to be believed. It sits at 2.75mm deep. Yes, you did see that right, 2.75mm. A tiny thin sheet of glass backs up a tremendous amount of power whilst keeping the build quality extremely sturdy.


This latest OLED TV from LG includes a Harmon Kardon soundbar built in

The G6 also has a small trick up its sleeve when it comes to sound. If you are not considering wall mounting this beast then there is a very well designed sound plinth that it sits on with speakers that have once again been tuned with the help of Harmon Kardon. Whilst this system is still not going to offer the experience of a full 5.1 or above speaker package and amp, it will certainly give most people who are considering a soundbar something to think about. It certainly can perform very well and gets a good range, including some impressive bass response from what is, in essence, the TV speaker unit.

But enough about sound, I’m sure you are wondering what it is like when switched on. Well, the good news is that LG have tinkered once again with their webOS platform to create the new 3.0 version and it is even easier to get up and running than before. The two Smart remotes provided also have a premium feel to them with a champagne gold colour and easy to locate buttons to navigate around. They have kept the Smart functionality of the remotes in that one still acts like a Nintendo Wii controller by pointing it at the screen and manually moving a cursor around where you aim at it. This makes typing in an email address or web address on the browser so much easier than pressing multiple up, down, left and right keys as you do on the other manufacturers TVs. The TV supports 4K Netflix and Amazon Prime and with it being HDR compatible, we had to try it out using the new Panasonic DMPUB900 4K Blu-ray player straight away.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.29.21

Putting in our copy of Life of Pi the result was extraordinary. Whilst this TV panel doesn’t have the 1000+ nit capacity of some of its LED rivals, LG have used new phosphors to get the brightness level to the Ultra HD Alliance certification of 540 nits but it feels so much brighter than that. The truth is that the reason why they probably didn’t have to make it so bright is because of the untouchable black levels this panel can achieve. The scene where Pi is floating on the ocean in the dead of night with all the luminescent jellyfish and the Blue Whale comes hurtling out of the murky depths was truly remarkable. Pin sharp inky blacks and no haloing around the brighter areas thanks to those individual pixels working their magic. The colour is backed up by the colour prime system and boy did it look fabulous. Expect absolute accuracy on skin tones, vivid but subtle bright colours and for sports fans a true to life sensation of green grass.

This LG is Ultra HD Premium, meeting the highest standards in UHD 4K.

You have a huge range of settings to play with in terms of the picture, but the one I’ve found most impressive so far is to select movie mode, enhance the sharpness and contrast slightly and to switch the motion handling to smooth. This appears to eliminate any blurring from fast moving images and was critical when dropping down a resolution to Full HD using our copy of Pacific Rim. Again, the TV had no problem in upscaling this image and making it look pin sharp and incredibly detailed. The main fight scene had almost no motion blurring to speak of even when the main robot protagonist was hurtling to earth after slaying a Kaiju in outer space.

Down to Sky HD and once again the G6 did not have any issues in upscaling the picture to 8x what it should be displaying on the panel and our Formula One experience was epic. The race came to life with detailing in areas not usually seen by us on a traditional high-end LED TV whilst the upscaling chip once again made sure the motion was smooth and accurate.

I could go on into more detail about all the nitty gritty details of this immensely beautiful set but it really is something that all of our colleagues at Richer Sounds take great pleasure in showing off. It’s engaging, immersive and it certainly gives me a chill down my back about how fantastically far we have come since we waved goodbye to Plasma TVs a few years ago. For those of you looking for the most future-proofed TV to date and for the best picture quality, build quality and ease of use on a TV this year, look no further.

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Author: Andrew, Eton store