Product review: LG UP970 UHD Blu-ray Player

The first 4K player from LG arrives to compliment their UHD TV range. Packed with features, the UP970 breathes new life into old content while granting access to the next generation of media content.

For new movies coming out or box sets like Planet Earth, being able to view these in crisp 4K will breathe new excitement into the experience. The HDR10 and Dolby Vision processing ability improves again on the new standards, offering richer colours and better contrast for more dynamic pictures. The UP970 ensures there are options for integration with most setups. Built substantially and similar to the average width of hi-fi components, the UP970 looks the part.

With its matt finish, it will sit comfortably in line with most AV receivers in a stack. Legacy connections like Scart, component & composite have disappeared, but with an extra audio-only HDMI output, your non-4K AV receiver can still be used to get the best sound. The player is also able to read Blu-ray and DVD so there is no need to get rid of your old favourite movies.

The addition of smart apps makes the UP970 much more of a media hub, offering TV on demand services and movie streaming. This can be a major advantage when used with a TV or projector that does not already have access to these services. Now that TV on demand services run live streams of most current broadcasts, the UP970 acts almost like a tuner. For those who have to live with limited wireless networking or perhaps with only one ethernet port to spare, having the option of using the player as your smart hub and music streamer can be a life saver. With its ability to process high resolution audio and read content from a USB, there is very little this smart player cannot do for you. Overall, this player will suit any film enthusiast looking to get a jump on the new era of quality and provide some excellent bonus features along the way.

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Author: Joe, Bath Store