Product Review: Mission M3 Cubed 5.1 speakers

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Small size, neat design, big and brilliant sound…

‘Good things come in small packages’ is the common saying but in the instance of speakers it can sometimes mean that you compromise on sound quality. In the case of the Mission M3 Cubed 5.1 system I have to say I don’t agree. Many satellite systems have come on the market over the last few years and many of them are fantastic buys, the Monitor Audio Mass and Q7000i packages immediately come to mind, but I’ve wondered whether Mission have had it in them to produce something that stands out from the crowd.

The new release from them is a welcome return from a well known speaker manufacturer and I am certainly impressed. What we have here is the perfect companion for either a mid range or entry level AV receiver. Five cleverly designed satellites and a neat subwoofer that certainly surprised me the first time I switched it on.

The stylish M3 Cubed package is available in both white and black.

The stylish M3 Cubed package is available in both white and black.

Each of the cubes has a significant weight to them that’ll settle most people’s minds when it comes to build quality. They feel like a lot of care and attention was given when being constructed and thankfully they didn’t scrimp on either the housing materials or the drivers. Each satellite contains a BMR driver (normally associated within the Cambridge Audio Minx speakers) and these give a great deal of special awareness for both music and movies alike. The cabinets are made from die cast aluminium and this gives them that premium weightiness and also dampens any vibration to a minimum keeping the audio clean and precise.

The sub is also quite an impressive piece of hardware and would work very well within any system. Made from 18mm MDF and sporting a lovely matt black finish it has 200W at its disposal to be able to dive right down into the bottom ends of the bass frequencies; in fact this unit will go as low as 35Hz so expect a pretty substantial bottom end from this unit.

Plugging it in to our demo room AV receiver (Yamaha RXA3050) there was an incredible soundscape, having them wired in as a 5.1 system, whilst watching the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. The action sequences featuring the Hulk were breathtakingly immersive and the subwoofer gave plenty of “oomph” when he was yelling and screaming. When switching to our Sky HD feed of Formula 1 the engines were crisp and accurate when moving around in the different speaker positions and still found plenty of room to put Martin Brundel’s voice through the middle and keep it uninterrupted.

Moving over to music there was a subtle lack in definition when it came to some more intricate pieces whist listening to Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ but again it was still a very enjoyable experience.

This package comes with its own mini stands and wall mounts so if you want to put these around your room the choice is yours to make without having to splash out on loads of extras. I would suggest a good speaker cable if not a slightly thin one to make them look neat but to really get the most out of your treble.

All in all I think that this is a fantastic package and Mission have answered a lot of questions about whether they can truly make a great product. I am a big fan and will be certainly recommending it to a lot of my customers in the future.

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Author – Andrew, Weybridge store