Product review: Oppo headphones


Chinese manufacturer, Oppo, first found fame in the West with a range of universal disc players. Praised for their outstanding performance, the brand built something of a cult following amongst Hi-Fi and AV aficionados.

In recent years, they’ve branched out into the personal audio sector, with a range of high-end headphones that aim to build on the company values of top notch performance and fantastic value. Always keen to work alongside like-minded enthusiasts, we are delighted to welcome Oppo to our stores.

Focussing more on the mid to high-end sectors, both of Oppo’s designs aim to offer as little compromise as possible, both in terms of sound quality and design. Featuring ‘planar magnetic’ technology, similar to that used in the ‘Audeze EL8’ (read our review here), Oppo’s ‘cans’ are able to offer extremely low levels of distortion, giving a clean and clear performance that focuses on getting to the heart of the music without compromising on accuracy and detail retrieval.

Oppo's PM3 headphones.

Oppo’s PM3 headphones.

The PM3 is the ‘entry level’ set, although the term does them a huge injustice. Their substantial padded earcups place an emphasis on comfort, and the overall build quality is simply fantastic. At only 320g , they are light enough to be worn for long periods with very little fatigue. Perfect for at home use but with a high enough sensitivity to be driven by a mobile phone or tablet, the PM3’s closed back design also makes them ideal for using in rooms shared by other people or on public transport. They offer the perfect escape from the outside world and allow you to fully immerse yourself into the sounds coming through your speakers. They’ve already won the hearts of several review experts including an Editor’ Choice award from both Tech Radar and Trusted Reviews. A fancy denim carry case is included to stop any nasty dings from detracting from the tidy finish when not in use.

Going well and truly up in terms of market price point, the PM1 offers a no-compromise design that makes full use of Oppo’s brilliance and engineering know-how. As an open back design, the PM1 offers an even wider soundstage and superior instrument separation to their smaller sibling, but with all the detail retrieval, accuracy and bass response of the best planar magnetic designs – quite simply put, they’re a must listen!

Oppo's PM1 headphones.

Oppo’s PM1 headphones.

Both the headband and earcups are finished in lambskin for an extremely comfortable fit, and the use of natural latex on the earpads ensures that they’ll remain plush, soft and clean for as long as possible. Whilst an open back design will lend itself more to environments where sound leakage is not an issue, the PM1’s high sensitivity and relatively light 395g weight still make them an ideal contender for listening on the go too, just bear in mind you might attract unwanted attention if you’re playing your music too loud, not to mention some envious glances. The PM1’s have already received 5-star reviews from What Hi-Fi? and Tech Radar.

Oppo’s well-earned reputation as engineering experts with an eye for industrial design looks to be safely protected with the PM series of headphones. It’s also worth mentioning that their headphone amplifiers are pretty special, too, check out the HA1 amplifier that’ll take your personal hi-fi sound to a whole new level!

Due to their high-end nature, these Oppo designs are only available in limited Richer Sounds stores, so if you want to try them out for yourself please call to check stock for your local branch, or for more information about our huge headphone range you can speak to our friendly telesales team on 0333 900 0093.

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Author – Chris, Liverpool store