Product review: Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 in-ear headphones

Optoma NuForce BE Sport 3

Optoma adds a sporty addition to its already stellar stable of headphones with the BE Sport3 in-ear headphones

Aiming to be “the ultimate workout partner”, the BE Sport3 have a number of design features that help them become exactly that. Their rugged design makes them resistant to rain, sweat and dust, which makes them ideal for both indoor gym sessions, as well as workouts in the great outdoors. The Sport3s have a very impressive 10 hour battery life, so your music will carry on long after your workout is finished. While some wireless in-ear buds feature a clunky transmitter, Optoma has managed to shrink everything down to fit inside a fairly standard sized microphone/volume/track select unit. The headphones are crafted from lightweight metal and polycarbonate, which makes them tough enough to last, while being light enough to not intrude on your workout.

Another movement-friendly feature is the SpinFit TwinBlade ear tips. Supplied in multiple sizes for all ears, the high quality silicone ear tips have a dual fin plug as well as a soft flexible “wing” that fits comfortably yet securely into the ridge of the outer ear to keep the headphones locked solidly in place. This is fantastic feature for runners especially, as nothing throws off your rhythm like having to wrestle with earbuds falling out mid stride. Coupled with an angled design and wrap-around band, you’ve a star performer.

When it comes to headphones, great design doesn’t mean much if there isn’t great sound quality to match. The Sport3s support aptX, which means you can listen to CD-quality audio in a much higher quality than the standard Bluetooth codec offers, supported by the latest Android and Windows smartphones, Macs and PCs. Apple’s high quality AAC codec is supported as well, so those with Apple devices get top notch sound from music on their phones and from their favourite streaming services. The sound is quite impressive, with great spacing and frequency response along with rich bass reproduction. For those concerned about looks as well as performance, you’ll be pleased to find that the BE Sport3s come in both gunmetal and a white and rose gold option, with a few different ear tip colours available for each set.

Overall, Optoma’s BE Sport3 headphones are a great option for anyone looking for rugged wireless in-ear headphones without sacrificing sound quality. Swing into your nearest Richer Sounds today to pick up a pair before your next trip to the gym.

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