Product review: Optoma HD27 projector


1080p projectors have become cheap – really cheap. With the introduction of 4K, the price of Full HD has been driven right down, which is fantastic news. You can pick up a very respectable projector for a less than a grand and still have change for a decent sound system to go with it…

The Optoma HD27 is a mid-range 1080p projector with all the right bells and whistles to keep you going until you want to invest in a 4K projector…

The single-chip DLP unit has a lot going for it, with a peak brightness of 3200 lumens, so will perform quite well in a less-than-pitch-black home cinema – a problem often associated with cheaper projectors. With a contrast ratio of 25,000 to 1, the little Optoma does suffer from less than striking blacks, but for the money, it more than makes up for it with vivid colour and flawless motion control.

image_552420_979939_w1200_h1200_3964e4dc4c62d1995abfa054839ecfc9Flipping the little 2.5kg HD27 around, we’re presented with all the necessities you’d expect. Two HDMI inputs and a USB suitable for charging (but will not support playback), there’s also an audio out and a 12v trigger control for an electric screen. The HD27 can also take advantage of the WHD200 wireless HDMI streamer, which can be bought separately if the idea of a HDMI cable across the living room is less than ideal.

As far as set-up is concerned, the HD27 was a joy to get going. Whilst it doesn’t have any inbuilt lens shift or keystone correction (the HD27 is more of a pull it into place kind of situation), once in place, it was up and running in no time at all.

If you’re after a first-time flurry into the world of projector systems at home then the HD27 is a serious bit of kit to consider, and whilst it doesn’t desperately require a pitch black room, it does certainly help. The issue, with regards to the deeper blacks, is not going to rear its ugly head when you and your mates watch the football or stick on a games console, but for those serious cinema buffs who are trying to recreate an actual cinema in their home, I’d give some other alternatives some consideration.

Author: Garrett, Plymouth store