Product review: Optoma UHD40 Projector

Optoma’s latest projector looks to bring big screen 4K thrills to the masses…

4K resolution has been around in the TV world for quite some time now, yet 4K projectors have been reserved for those with…erm, slightly deeper pockets shall we say. The good news is those days finally seem to be over and we’re seeing sub-£2000 4K projectors popping up from numerous brands, and whilst still on the costly side, projector technology still hasn’t quite caught up to that of television, taking in to consideration you can purchase some of the best televisions in the world for less than £2000.

I’ve spent some time with Optoma’s entry level model, the UHD40. Boasting 4K resolution and full HDR support as well incredibly vibrant rec.709 colours and over 8 million pixels, the UHD40 looks incredible.

With built-in vertical lens shift the UHD40 was surprisingly easy to set up. Normally with these larger projectors, set up can be quite tricky but I had no issues. I set ours up though our Yamaha RXA3070 AV receiver and Oppo UDP203 disc player with a dedicated Monitor Audio Atmos surround sound. I chose the Amazing Spider-Man in 4K as my demo disc, as the fast movement and bright colours would push the UHD40 to its limits. I’ve read some speculation that the new colour wheel Optoma have chosen to use in the UHD40 may have some rainbow effect issues, but after spending quite some time with the UHD40, I saw no such thing.

The colours were incredibly accurate, the motion control was flawless and even without using our blinds in the demo room, the image was more than bright enough to satisfy and with 2,400 lumens, it’s not surprising.

The UHD40 boasts a huge 500,000:1 contrast ratio that offers incredible detail in the darker images on screen, and whilst there were still some patchy areas over it performed very, very well. The UHD40 is a brilliant projector for those itching to jump in to the world of 4K and home cinema alike.

If you would like to see this great projector in action, then please call or swing by your local Richer Sounds and arrange a demo.

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store