Product review: Panasonic DMRBWT740EB9


Are you in the market for a unit that not only records from Freeview but can also play Blu-ray discs and connect to the internet? Well, Panasonic has got you covered with the PVR behemoth the DMRBWT740EB9, which does all of this and so much more…

So let’s start with the basics. The DMRBWT740EB9 is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) with a 1TB hard drive capable of storing up to 259 hours of HD content and 519 hours of SD content. On top of that, if you ever run out of space, you can attach a USB hard drive and transfer data onto that. Utilising twin Freeview HD tuners, it allows you to watch one channel whilst recording another, or record two channels if you’re either watching one of those channels or nothing at all. You can also pause and rewind live TV.

As well as being able to record onto the hard drive, you can also transfer files across onto DVD and Blu-ray discs, allowing you to archive any program you want to keep around physically, with Blu-ray specifically allowing you to have disks of the highest quality. Of course, recording and watching your favourite content not only makes the DMRBWT740EB9 a fantastic recorder but a fantastic player as well. Not only can you record onto DVD and Blu-ray discs, but you’ll also have access to 4K upscaling so you can upscale your Blu-ray content if you happen to own a 4K TV.

Onto the smart side of things, the DMRBWT740EB9 sticks to just what’s really needed having Netflix (with a dedicated button!) and Youtube, there’s a variety of other apps available, but these are the big two that are really what you want. It also has DLNA support, allowing you to share media between any DLNA connected items on the same network. So you’ll be able to stream from your computer to this device with no hassle at all. As well as that, by utilising DIGA player app for iOS and Android you can watch stored or live content on your smartphone or tablet and even set up recordings whilst you’re out, as long as you’re connected to the internet.


So far so good as the unit has a variety of functions, but as we come to the connections, then it really reveals its true calling card. With its Scart input, it allows you to record from a second analogue unit that has Scart or Composite out, meaning that anything you have on older formats (such as VHS, Betamax and any old PVR’s) can be transferred over to the DMRBWT740EB9. This is a fantastic function for a unit to have, as it means you can take your entire collection, transfer them over to the DMRBWT740EB9 and then record them straight onto DVD or Blu-ray. This’ll allow you to minimise the size of your collection and at the same time, make them future-proof, giving greater longevity and use. This Panasonic unit also allows for audio output via Digital Optical/Coax and analogue audio out with 2RCA. Plus, there’s an Ethernet in for hardwiring to the network, RF in and out so you can loop into a TV so that can also get Freeview, HDMI out, and of course the aforementioned Analogue video in via Scart.

All in all, the Panasonic DMRBDT740EB9 is an impressive piece of kit allowing for so much more than anything else that’s out right now at this price point. If you need anything from a Blu-ray player to a PVR recorder or you’re even in the market for something to backup old media, then this is the unit for you.

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Author – Hal, Plymouth store