Product review: Panasonic EX700B range

Panasonic’s EX range further expands on an already successful platform, offering fantastic value for money and a host of brilliant features.

Having cemented their position in the market with high quality and high value 4K televisions last year, Panasonic’s new EX range moves things a step further for 2017, available in 40″, 50″ and 58″ screen sizes. Taking the first leap into the next generation of broadcast quality, the EX range sees the addition of HLG capacity. HGL stands for “Hybrid Log Gamma”, which is set to be the format in which 4K HDR content will be transmitted. We’ve already caught a glimpse at the fruits of this labour in the form of BBC iPlayer’s recent trial runs, using Panasonic as a guinea pig for their broadcast of Planet Earth II in 4K HDR earlier this year. This new platform will not only bring unrivalled crisp detail to your big screen televisions but it will also increase the depth and vibrancy of the colours.

Aside from handling these new broadcast standards, the EX range features wide colour spectrum enhancements due to the line’s THX rated and tested panels, creating a masterpiece in visual recreation. Panasonic have always made absolute picture accuracy their goal, something that really makes a big difference for movie and gaming enthusiasts. When viewing a dark scene or moving through a dungeon area on a console game, being able to pick out subtle details can be the difference between a comfortable viewing experience and a strained one. Darkness is critical to an excellent picture.

Whether watching a night sky or looking at burnout marks on concrete at the start of a race, true blacks are essential, and the EX700 comes with powerful micro dimming processors that can switch off areas of surplus light, making for a more efficient panel with crisp and striking contrast areas. Panasonic has also managed to make improvements to their motion processors, which now clocks in at 1600 BMR (backlight motion rate). This smooths out the transition of fast moving objects within games, films and sport, making this an attractive model for anyone who wants that little something extra or has come to expect that next-level of performance quality.

Drawing on the implementation of the Firefox OS from 2016, Panasonic has done a full system overhaul. Designing the code in a more open source fashion enables full support over the coming years. This means whatever software changes are made to new future lines, they will be made available to the EX range too. The operating system now also includes a voice command option. Built into the remote, this function takes the hassle out of typing in long searches on apps or navigating menus. Finally, the continued use of Freeview Play is great news, with its smooth integration of on demand apps within the TV guide and makes accessing content a breeze.

Overall, the EX700 is a tele for the canny connoisseur who enjoys the finer things in life. Accurate and dynamic with sharp looks, the EX700 is certainly likely to top the trends this year, providing a complete package that can see you through the next decade of visual media.

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Author: Joe, Bath Store