Product review: Samsung 40MU6120 TV

Samsung have had a really strong line up this year with the mighty QLED sets selling like hot cakes and with some of that fantastic technology trickling down to their mid range models which, as a customer, is always a plus! But they haven’t finished yet…

As expected each year, Samsung releases a mid-range crowd pleaser that will be a variant of their previous mid-range series, in this case it’s the 6 series. The 40MU6120 is a smidgen above their entry level model but with a slightly higher PQI (picture quality index) rating, which when it comes down to the nitty gritty is basically a cosmetic change. Put both the 6100 and 6120 together and you can see there are subtle differences in colour, which is always nice to have a choice, hence the similar prices.

Inside the the TV is a 4K HDR panel with full Samsung Tizen Smart features. The Mu6120 offers a very competitive panel with Samsung’s signature bright screen – one of the brightest in its class to be precise – which at its price point is very impressive. Motion is taken care of by Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus feature that tracks moving images and attempts to stabilise them, and whilst this isn’t new technology it certainly holds its own. The MU6120 might not win any awards as a gaming monitor, but it was still more than satisfactory for myself and I’m quite picky with regards to movement on televisions.

I dragged my PS4 in for this test and was more than happy to squeeze in a few minutes of game play during work hours! I also decided to use my PS4 as it seemed a little more of a fair review than using our demo room’s £4000 AV set up I usually use. The PS4 sports a very mediocre Blu-ray player inside, leaving any ‘wow’ factors to be brought to life by the television itself. I opted for my new favourite demo disc Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume Two, which is an absolute feast for the eyes and ears, with incredible colours and a fantastic soundtrack to boot.

The MU6120 maintained a good brightness level throughout, although I found I needed to play around with some of the screen setting to bring out some of the bright colours. Either way I was quite happy with the level of colour and certainly wasn’t unhappy with the overall image. Next up was the contrast and blackness levels. This for me, was a bit tough to judge, as I had tinkered my settings towards the colour side of things, so my black levels took a hit, but the image still remained dynamic overall, and there is enough play overall to adjust the picture to fit a variety of viewing conditions.

For a basic set, it’s exactly as a I expected. The image is a real crowd pleaser, well suited for all purposes and its 40-inch screen and no-frills design will fit easily and discreetly in almost any space. However, when it comes to televisions, it’s all down to personal taste, so I highly recommend popping in to your nearest Richer Sounds and give this TV a spin in person.

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store