Product review: Samsung HWK650 TV soundbar


Over the past few years Samsung have released a range of TV soundbars that not only work incredibly well for boosting your TV audio, but can also be used as part of a wireless multi-room system. We were excited to see that this year is no different. Introducing the HWK650…

Starting with aesthetics, this new soundbar has a very sleek look to it. It comprises a long and slim design, while still looking like a solid sturdy unit (due to its aluminium mesh that encases the bar, and the subwoofer being a large hyper rectangle). This means that you can have the soundbar sitting comfortably in front of the TV and place the wireless subwoofer somewhere else in the room out of the way.

body01Connectivity on the unit is also good, with 1 HDMI input & 1 output, 1 digital optical input and 1 analogue stereo input, giving you multiple ways to connect it up to your TV. Also, with this being part of Samsung’s multi-room system, you can even connect up to your TV wirelessly, if your TV happens to be a compatible Samsung model. The multi-room aspect also means that you can combine the soundbar with any of Samsung’s other wireless speakers to create a wireless surround sound system, or even have multiple speakers around the house that can play TV sound as well as any music or streaming services that are compatible with the Samsung app. Easy peasy!

The unit is no slouch in the audio department either, boosting an overall power of 340w in an immersive 3.1 surround sound set-up. Six speakers in the soundbar allow it to deliver crisp and clear dialogue, with the sub focusing the low range frequencies. This gives you a sound that is not just vocally clear, but also warm and atmospheric – a range of sound that will adequately portray whatever style of music or film you happen to enjoy.

Like most modern soundbars, the Samsung has Bluetooth connectivity… but unlike most you can actually turn the unit on via Bluetooth, adding another level of ease of use. Of course, you can still stream all of your music, so no functionality has been lost to add this ability.

body02All in all the Samsung HWK650 is a decent soundbar that uses Surround Sound Expansion to create a more expansive sound, which adds an extra layer of depth and spatial sound projection. I found the soundbar really improves the TV’s overall sound with all content I’ve tested it with.

“Hearing is believing”, as they say, so if you’re interested in this soundbar or any others then don’t hesitate to pop into your local store for a demo, or give them a call for some free advice.

To find out more about the Samsung HWK650, click here.

Author: Hal, Plymouth store