Product review: Samsung KU6020 TV range


Samsung’s latest range of Ultra HD TVs have certainly impressed and won a number of awards. So how does the KU6020 range fair?…

The KU6020 range is Ultra HD and HDR compatible, so is ready to receive the latest and greatest format of media to hit the shelves. Those of you less acquainted with Ultra HD (a version of 4K) it’s basically the next evolution in televisions, offering you 4x the resolution of  1080P or “Full HD” TV, hence the nickname ‘4K’.

Ultra HD (UHD) is on its 5th year now, so as expected the prices have dropped down, which is always good news. The KU6020 range sits nicely in that category and as an entry-level UHD television, there’s no reason to feel short-changed. Technology has progressed in such a way it’s getting increasingly more difficult to be disappointed with a television picture and if you’re buying into 4K, (minus some supermarket exceptions) you’re in a good place.

With a thin black bezel surrounding it, unfortunately, each KU6020 doesn’t take advantage of Samsung’s “bezel-less” technology, which is hardly surprising at its price point and while this could be a deal breaker for some, be reassured that it’s by no means a big bezel. Stood up on a very sleek looking silver central stand, the KU6020 bears no resemblance to a lot of other entry-level televisions and will look pretty swish in most homes.

From a connectivity standpoint, we have all the usual suspects including 3 HDCP 2.2 HDMI connections ready to receive the latest and greatest in home cinema in the form of Blu-ray or Sky Q. With plenty more on the horizon, as well as an optical connection for any soundbar on the market should you wish to upgrade the sound. As you can imagine, as televisions have gotten slimmer, the sound is the first sacrifice to be made and the and KU6020 is no exception. While it’s more than adequate to sit and watch the news, if you’re looking for a more of a cinematic experience, I’d strongly suggest adding a soundbar or home cinema system.

Of course, the KU6020 is also fully Smart and with an HEVC Decoder, onboard you can take advantage of any 4K streaming services from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. As well as catch-up services from the likes of BBC iPlayer, ITV player and my5. Unfortunately, the only suspect missing is All4, not a huge loss but worth noting. The Samsung Smart features or ‘TIZEN’ as its called, is pretty straightforward and very intuitive to use. Unfortunately, Samsung has gone from being the leaders in Smart TV to what looks like now a little dated and an empty user interface. Maybe 2017 will be their year.

The picture on this television, when you take its price into consideration, is quite good while it’s not going to win any awards, it still ticks a lot of the right boxes. I did find myself having to spend quite some time adjusting the settings, but after some time I managed to get a picture I was happy with. Coming in at 1300 PQI (picture quality index), this Samsung could do with being a little brighter, but again I was happy. Now my major qualm with the set was its ability to handle movement, which is something I have spotted in other Samsung models. It’s not an issue with the monitor, as some manufacturers are better at it than others and as I spend a lot of my time playing games, watching sports and fast-paced films, I would probably put the Samsung though its paces. While the motion can be adjusted in the settings menu, it still didn’t quite cut the mustard for me. Now if your not someone who has the same viewing habits as me, then you will be fine. It’s my own little problem.

Nonetheless, the Samsung Ku6020 range offers a great deal for the money and ticks all of the right boxes for a modern TV set. But if you will be putting it through its paces, then I’d hang fire and consider some other alternatives.

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store