Product review: Samsung UE65KS7000 Ultra HD Premium TV


You wouldn’t be far off the mark if you said Samsung have dominated the market this year, by introducing a huge range of UHD Premium televisions. One of these is the KS7000 range, a truly incredible and affordable set, offering you all the flagship specifications but for a fraction of the price. I’m not sure how Samsung have done it, but in my opinion it’s put them above everybody else in the “affordable UHD Premium status television” ranking…

Taking other brands in to consideration, you would have to up your budget to get another set this size with similar specification.

This TV is an affordable, HUGE 65″ screen with the UHD Premium badge of honour. For most people 55″ is enough, but there are a select few of us who want a little bit more. Even with projectors at the price point you will not get the same picture quality… Not even close!

body01Packing Samsung’s SUHD Quantum Dot technology and 2200PQI (picture quality index) the UE65KS7000 is capable of not just HDR, but also HDR1000. The set is a 10bit panel so ticks all the right boxes – it is capable of a peak brightness of over 1000 nits and over 1 billion total colours.

Within the television is software called SUHD Remastering Engine that will analyse the source material and improve the image to as close to HDR as possible. It is important to note that this will not take your existing Blu-ray and turn it in to “true” 4K resolution. 4K is only available when the source in question is available in 4K resolution (i.e., Netflix, Amazon, BT Sports, UHD Blu-ray). If you’re a little unsure please ask in-store and we will show you an example of native 4K compared to upscaled 4K.

A TV that looks as good switched off as it does on.

A TV that looks as good switched off as it does on.

As well as the incredible picture, the KS7000 is fully Smart. It uses Samsung’s 2nd generation Tizen interface. It’s straight forward and intuitive, and after a few days will become second nature. You can expect all the latest apps such as Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, news, sports, as well as cloud gaming, which is essentially console-less gaming.

A TV should be as much a piece of furniture as anything else in your room, so the last thing you want is a dirty great ugly panel staring at you all day. Samsung are known for their unique designs and they have hit the nail on the head with the KS7000 range. They feature Samsung’s 360 design, which means the unit is just as pretty to look at when its switched off as when it’s on, so aesthetics are not an issue.

If you’re looking at squeezing the absolute best you can out of UHD content (be it streaming, or 4K Blu-ray) but don’t want to blow the bank then the Samsung 65KS7000 should be right at the top of your shopping list. It really is one of the best buys of the year and I give it my personal seal of approval.

Why not come on down to any one of our stores and ask for a demo. We’ll even put the kettle on!

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store