Product review: Samsung UE65KU6400

Samsung UE65KU64004K is not the be all and end all of televisions nowadays. 4K used to be reserved for the incredibly high end flagship models, whereby the purchase of one involved making a decision as to whether or not you can live on plain pasta for 3 solid months, just to justify paying for it.

Well Samsung addressed this issue with their 6400 series!

The 65KU6400 is Samsung’s UHD HDR entry level 65 inch home cinema screen. In previous years I would usually steer clear of budget large screens, as they used to be too good to be true! But the Samsung is an exception. There is nothing to be afraid of here as they haven’t cut any corners, and you still get that incredible UHD image and HDR compatibility as well.

HDR is a huge buzz word this year and stands for High Dynamic Range. When a dedicated source (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, or Blu-ray) is put though the KU6400, the television will recognise this and switch to HDR mode, offering you more detail in dark and brighter areas of the on screen image.


Samsung have really gone to town this year with the overall exterior design of their televisions, introducing what is called 360 degree design. This means they are aesthetically pleasing from whatever angle you are looking at it. Now I’m not exactly fussed about what my television looks like from the rear, but I guess it’s as much a piece of furniture as anything else. It’s clear Samsung have taken inspiration from their higher end models and not forgotten about the entry level TVs they offer, as this is one of the sleekest entry level televisions we sell. This is nothing but good news for those of you who want to wall mount the set, and at a whopping 65inch, the last thing you want is a set that sticks out of the wall and draws more attention to itself when it is off than when it’s on.

The set also boasts plenty of connectivity. These include 3 HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports for any movies or pictures you may have on an external hard drive, a digital optical out for a sound bar upgrade, and built in WIFI so you can take advantage of Samsung’s built in smart interface also known as Tizen. Here you can find all the major apps, such as Amazon, Netflix, social networking, catch up services and any sports or news. The set also has a full web browser which can be controlled with either the supplied remote, or by downloading the Samsung app in order to control your entire Television from your phone or tablet.

If you’re looking at keeping the budget down but still want a large screen UHD set, then the Samsung 65KU6400 should be a serious consideration. Why not pop in to any one of our stores, and request a demonstration. We’ll let you be the judge!

To find out more about the Samsung UE65KU6400, click here.

Author: Garrett, Plymouth Store