Product review: Sennheiser HD4.40BT Headphones

Only a few years ago you’d find that almost all headphones would have some sort of wire attached to them. Whether they were great big cans that fit snugly around your ears for home listening, or a small set of in-ear buds to keep you entertained on the morning commute, you’d generally always find a wired connection. Well, not anymore it would seem…

Bluetooth has taken over the headphone market in a massive way and it seems like we get a new model of wireless headphones on every single delivery to our shop. It’s becoming the norm rather than the exception, and here today we have another set, the Sennheiser HD4.40BT. Sennheiser have built a massive following with their headphones and the HD series has always been fantastic. With this in mind going in to the review, I imagine these are going to be durable and good value. The more expensive award-winning Momentum wireless headphones have done brilliantly since their release, and if these much cheaper cans from Sennheiser can produce even a glimpse of their quality, then these will do just as well.

Right, so first thing I should mention is that the HD4.40BT are over ear, closed back headphones. They sit around the ears nicely and don’t feel heavy or awkward. They are comfortable, yet feel like they’ll last and won’t flake away at the first signs of wear. First impressions are good, especially realising that not only are these Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX compatible, but there’s also the option for NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity which isn’t too common on headphones. Once connected wirelessly via whatever means you’d like, a fully charged battery will last up to an amazing 25 hours of playback. If somehow you do run out of battery you can also connect these via the supplied 3.5mm cable.

But we aren’t here today to test out the wire’s capabilities, it’s the wireless I’m interested in and as I’m a iPhone user, I’m going to use Bluetooth!

As I’ve come to expect with all Sennheiser over-ear headphones, the sound is powerful and the bass is prominent throughout. The closed back design really helps me feel like I’ve shut out the outside world and I can fully engage with the music. It’s only music from here on out and I’m tapping my feet away to some classic Johnny Cash without a care in the world. His dulcet voice sounds powerfully elegant and it’s easy to listen to.

I do find on occasion as the music gets a bit more bass to it, there can be a sense of the bass overriding some of more sweeter notes. I’d say these were maybe built for something a bit more full on, and when switching to some heavier Foo Fighters, that becomes apparent. I believe that if you’re into your rock or dance music then these headphones should fit the bill nicely.

Anything with a bit of drive seems to be what needs to go through these headphones to get the best out of them. If you want to hear them for yourself, or see what other headphones we have on offer to tickle your fancy, then pop down to your local Richer Sounds today.

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Author: Bradley, Plymouth store