Product review: Sony BRAVIA 43XF8577 TV

Sony bucks the trend and crams all their latest tech into a smaller screen size, offering a flexible option for all viewers.

Sony’s 2018 TV line up is looking to be incredibly strong; their mighty OLED screen from last year continues to look great, and the brand new XF9005 looks incredible. But what about those who might not have the space to upgrade to massive cinema-like screen sizes? I’m here to review the Sony 43XF8577.

The 43XF8577 is Sony’s mid-range 43″ 4K HDR Smart television, with Motion Flow XR Clarity, Android operating system and a brand spanking new design! Sony tends to be very set in its ways, having kept the same operating system for nearly three years and stuck with the same design for almost five, which to be honest is not a bad thing. In the past where others have failed attempting to push the boat out on the design front, Sony have kept it clean and simple.

Well, not much has changed but the new 2018 range does feature some slightly smoothed edges and some fancy new edge feet, not a dramatic change but certainly worth a notice, giving them a much needed spruce up. Next up is the legendary operating system. Three years ago, Sony started a partnership with Android to create the best operating system they could. While there were some initial bugs in the beginning, as time has progressed Sony have refined and perfected this and it runs smooth as butter now.

Featuring all the latest catch up services as well as all the favourite subscription services, the Android based platform also goes hand in hand with Google Home, bringing all your content in to one easy to manage place. It really is a brilliant system and whilst it may take some time to get used to its certainly worth the hassle. As well as working with Google Home, the set also features Amazon Alexa, allowing you to use voice commands to control the TV and have it integrate with other Alexa products in your home.

Sony have also improved the overall brightness of their sets this year which is brilliant if you’re watching TV in a bright environment or during the day, especially as the summer months begin to kick in.

The 43XF8577 offers an incredibly vibrant colour palette with pin point accuracy that leaves me shocked, given the price of this set. It certainly sets itself apart from any other 40-43 inch TV on the market. Those of you looking for a slightly smaller yet high end television should certainly consider this TV. Sony have also equipped the TV with their latest 1000hz Motion XR technology which offers a smooth image, which can be improved further once the set is put in its dedicated ‘Game Mode’.

It’s a shame most other manufacturers have stopped producing high end televisions in smaller screen sizes, but Sony certainly have this base covered! Why not pop in to your closest Richer Sounds store today and see if this fantastic TV is the right fit for you?

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