Product review: Sony BRAVIA KD49XD8077 TV


Sony’s mid-to-high-end smaller televisions are finally trickling in and it’s great news for all the sports fans and gamers; the KD49XD8077 is an HDR LED television, with built-in Android Television, and has been awarded a Netflix Recommended TV badge.

The ’XD8077 landed in our stores recently and as a keen gamer I was very excited to get it open and have a play. The reason for my over enthusiastic approach to this review is I play games… I watch sports… I also enjoy over-the-top, fast-paced films. Generally, anything I put through my television is pretty demanding. I also review a lot of high-end televisions that look beautiful, but also cost in excess on £2000, which is a little out of my personal budget. Sony’s more affordable option is finally here.

The key alternatives are the Panasonic DX750, the LG UH770 and the Samsung KU6400. All of which are brilliant, but I refused to make any snap judgements about who was going to be top dog until I had seen the whole line up.

The Sony televisions are aesthetically beautiful and the ’XD8077 is no exception. It is unobtrusive and sleek, which is always nice, (nobody wants a big ugly rectangle staring at them in the living room).

The Android interface has had huge updates since its previous incarnation, and now works flawlessly… If a little over-complicated, but not difficult… if that makes any sense?

Once the TV was all programmed in, I wanted to take advantage of some of the features within the television – especially the PlayStation app. The ’XD8077 allows you to play PS3 games without the need for a console. After spending a good 20 minutes playing, I was really impressed with what I was seeing; the Sony Motion Flow technology really does a fantastic job. I consider myself quite pedantic with regards to motion blur on televisions and I was really struggling to flaw the ’XD8077. It’s not just games where the motion flow really comes into play. I put on some incredibly demanding footage from YouTube in 4k, and I was still getting a perfect solid image with no ghosting or blur. I was impressed.

Using a native Full HD Blu-ray player, I popped in a copy of Deadpool in glorious 4K to get a better idea of the overall picture. The ’XD8077 offers a beautiful colour pallet and lost very little detail in the darker scenes. I did begin to see a little break-up on some very demanding brighter scenes, but that’s to be expected on a unit at this price. It certainly didn’t hinder my viewing experience.

Overall the ’XD8077 was almost perfect, and for the money, it’s almost unbeatable… But I would maybe suggest comparing against something like the Samsung UE49KS7000.

Why not pop into our store and ask for a demonstration. Would like to know more about HDR? Check out this description.

To find out more about the Sony KD49XD8077, click here.

Author: Garrett, Plymouth store