Product review: Steljes Erato Soundbar

As I’ve come to realise from working at Richer Sounds during the past few years, the whole cinema market is growing exponentially. Seemingly every week there are new products to play with. Today is no different as we’ve just received some new products from Steljes Audio.

You may not have heard of them and you might be surprised to learn that they are a British company, with that warm British sound oozing through their whole range. This is the first time I’ve seen Steljes products in our shop, so I’m eager to see what the Steljes Erato soundbar sounds like.

The Erato seems to be a simple but effective audio solution for tinny TV sound. There’s a separate wireless subwoofer in addition to a 850mm wide soundbar to provide that extra “oomph”. There’s two HDMI inputs and one output, as well as your usual digital optical and Bluetooth connectivity. Steljes also have a 3.5mm input for any other analog devices you may wish to connect up. Oh, and just in case you want to wall mount the bar, there’s a wall bracket included, keeping everything even more cost effective. The Erato doesn’t seem to have many frills to its appearance and I think that’s the intention. It’s a handsome looking bar and the wireless subwoofer can be hidden away with minimal fuss as it’s not as big as some others on the market.

Connecting everything up is as straightforward as can be and the optical is my method of choice. It’s always the easiest way to connect up and it’s what most people will use in their homes.

The Erato has all the basic connections you need to get up and running right away.

So away we go and it’s a massive difference to any built-in TV speakers out there. The subwoofer kicks in instantly and it’s a subtle and smooth sound. The bass isn’t overpowering and it lets the soundbar get on with just producing quality audio and dialogue. If you want a bit more volume, then there’s enough power present to fill most living rooms. Sure, you could ask for a little more depth but around the price the Erato is at, it’s a minor issue. Dialogue is something that TV speakers struggle with and the Erato does a fine job at upgrading this.

Switching over to the trusty Bluetooth connection, I stream some music. While it doesn’t compare to a hi-fi separates system, the audio is good enough to keep you going well into the night. Again the bass isn’t overly aggressive, but it’s still decent. There is a ‘music mode’ on the remote which I’d recommend using when listening to music. It seems to give the overall sound a deeper and more musical feel. All in all, it’s a massive upgrade over any TV’s sound and even basic Bluetooth speakers, with the performance far outweighing the price.

If you fancy upgrading your TV sound, then come in to your local Richer Sounds to test out this fantastic soundbar today.

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Author: Bradley, Plymouth store