Product review: Tannoy Eclipse Two speakers

Around the holidays, there’s a narrative that pops up suggesting “smaller is better”. So what happens then when you receive a gift that’s not small and is in fact very large? Let’s explore that question now as we look an ideally large gift idea: the Tannoy Eclipse Two.

Music is the spice of life but to truly experience music how it’s meant to be heard, you need good speakers. They can vary in price from ultra-cheap well into “ridiculous”, but if you have a budget but still want quality then the Tannoy Eclipse Two are something you should look at either for yourself, or for someone else.

They have the ability to showcase the best of any style of music thanks in part to a combination of stats including a sensitivity of 88db, a wattage of 90 and a frequency range of 44-32,000 Hz. Driver wise, you’re looking at 1.1-inch tweeter utilising a neodymium system and a mid/low frequency driver comprised of 5-inch paper cone and a decent crossover frequency at 3.2kHZ.

Let’s talk about how the speakers perform when hooked into a conventional amp system and music is played through them. I’m on a Royal Blood kick at the moment and so I booted up How Did We Get So Dark? and got ready to be transported to a world of sound. I was pleasantly surprised by the budget speakers. They showcased an excellent knowledge of clarity in regards to vocals, while also pushing out an amount of bass that I wasn’t expecting, which I imagine is helped in large by the rear ported design. To push it a little bit further, I threw in a Leftfield CD that’s always hanging around and was even more pleasantly surprised when I started cranking it up and managed to get walls and windows rattling with the sounds of pure bass.

All in all, if you’re looking for a low-cost option to get fantastic sound from your music, the Eclipse Two speakers might just be the perfect addition to your hi-fi system. To check out all the amazing speakers we stock, swing in to your local Richer Sounds today.

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Author: Hal, Plymouth store