Product review: Toshiba 24D3753 TV

Despite the fact that televisions are getting bigger and bigger there will always be a market out there for smaller sets.

As is normally the case with these sets, space is generally the main reason for this market. Space is at a premium in most homes so having something that won’t take up too much room can be perfect. Particularly if there’s a built-in DVD player….

Which leads me nicely onto what we have here today. The Toshiba 24D3753.

As you’d expect from a 2017 TV the design is minimal there is a small black bezel surrounding its LED panel. It is a bit deeper than most 24-inch televisions due to its built-in DVD player but it’s still not too bad. Using a vesa 75 x 75 mm bracket you can easily mount this to the wall if you wish and it will still fit nice and flush. If wall mounting isn’t your thing then it does come with a nice little pedestal stand which gives the TV an almost floating look. A nice little touch for a product like this.

It’s a nice looking little TV but that’s not all that matters when choosing a new set.

The picture quality is obviously crucial and the Toshiba is good without being great in that regard. Using the inbuilt Freeview tuner as my source there’s not much to disappoint you. At the price and size, it’s never going to blow you away but it does a nice job whatever you seem to be watching. Colours seem consistent and give a natural and soft look. Motion is handled pretty well too. Maybe in part due to the 600hz refresh rate Toshiba quote.

If you fancied an upgrade to the DVD player, then use the HDMI input to plug in a Blu-ray player or games console and away you go. They’ve also included a scart socket on the back which you don’t get on a lot of its competitors. They’ve also added a USB input which doubles up as a recorder too. You can play back all your pictures, video and music files as well recording from Freeview to a suitable HDD (hard disk drive). If you don’t fancy listening to your music files through the TV speakers, then you can connect this up to a separate sound system via the digital coaxial audio output. It’s a really well equipped little TV and for the price, there isn’t a lot it can’t do.

But hold on…. there’s more.

It’s also a Smart TV with built-in wifi.

Not only can you view your favourite apps like YouTube and Netflix but there also another massive addition to the Toshiba 24D3753. Freeview Play.

It’s becoming more and more common on larger sets but there isn’t many 24inch TV’s out there with this feature. You can simply scroll back through all your favourite channels from the likes of BBC and ITV, select what you want to watch and away you go. You can scroll back through the guide for up to 7 days and watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. Throw in the screen mirroring from Miracast and this seems to be a jack of all trades. With a compatible smart phone or tablet, you can mirror what’s on your phone onto this without any issue.

It’s really got a lot going for it and if you need a well-equipped, smaller TV for a bedroom or kitchen. Then this is maybe the one for you. There’s also a 32″ version available in case you’re after something a bit bigger.

Come down to your local Richer Sounds to see what it’s like or have a look at anything else you might fancy.

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Author: Bradley, Plymouth store