Product review: Wharfedale DX2 Speaker Package

Wharfedale’s latest speaker package delivers the sound of the cinema at home.

It’s 2018, and therefore time for all the new exciting tech to come through our doors and we’re starting the season off with Wharfedale’s 5.1 speaker package, the DX2. Replacing the incredibly well reviewed DX1 series, the package is made up of four satellite speakers plus a small compact centre and active subwoofer. Coming in at just shy of 20cm high, the DX2 satellite speakers are perfect for wall mounting, with each speaker sporting a silk dome tweeter and polypropylene bass driver.

This mid-range speaker package certainly packs a lot of punch for its size, and when rigged up to our Sony STRDN1080 AV receiver was a match made in Heaven. Listening to the intense soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.2, the package offers refinement and power in equal measures. During the slightly more low key aspects of the movie the DX2 package offered incredible detail when required but didn’t push itself too hard and end up distorting or appearing too bright.

When the action began, the big 150w Subwoofer really started to kick in and offered a brilliant well rounded sound with oodles of detail, unlike some other units at this price, which offer nothing more than a loud bang. The DX2 was assertive but not overpowering, which is often the pitfall for many subwoofers. Whilst I found myself getting carried away with Guardians of the Galaxy, I felt it necessary to try another more low key film with a little less noise and a bit more composure.

I grabbed the first movie I could find which was Bridge of Spies, staring Tom Hanks. Whilst this movie certainly wasn’t a true test of raw power, it was still a very interesting test as to how the DX2 package could handle the lower volumes and complexity of the human voice. Needless to say I was very impressed with the sound.

Last but not least, I felt it necessary to try some music, and decided to opt for Toto’s “Africa”. I thought I’d let the DX2 play to its strengths. Whilst I didn’t get a true “hi-fi” experience, the sound was still very good considering the size of the speakers and that this package is aimed a bit more towards home cinema use. At the end of the day if you want an incredible surround sound package that delivers well-rounded detailed sound, with enough oomph to wake the neighbours, then the Wharfedale DX2 should be on top of your list. Why not give your nearest Richer Sounds a call and book a demonstration today?

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