Record Store Day – Part 1: All Time Favourite Albums… Ever

At Richer Sounds we are deeply passionate about music…

Today we speak to some of our Managers from around the country to ask them one simple question… What’s your favourite album of all time? Well, we thought it was a simple question, but as the music fans out there will know – this is never an easy on to answer. How do you pick one album? If put on the spot, which album would you take with you to a desert island? After racking their brains, here’s what some of our store Managers had to say…

Stacy, Manager Norwich store

Stacy, Manager
Norwich store

Smashing Pumpkins –
Siamese Dream
“That’s an easy one. Being a musician, on first listen this album struck me as a life changing way of playing the drums. Not only is Jimmy Chamberlin (drummer) phenomenal, the sound and songwriting is beyond compare. This album never gets old.”

Ian, Manager Romford store

Ian, Manager
Romford store

The Clash –
London Calling
“It has a vitality, a sense of exploration and songs that are career standouts – from its anthemic lead single and title track to album closer Train In Vain, recorded so late in the process that it didn’t even make the album artwork. Not forgetting the legendary album cover, modelled on Elvis’ debut.”

Alex, Manager Nottingham store

Alex, Manager
Nottingham store

Jake Bugg –
Jake Bugg
“Being a local lad and seeing this album catapult him onto the music scene in a huge way, he showed a lot of up and coming artists anything is possible. Plus he is a devoted Notts County fan like myself. Easy listening, solo guitarist, telling tales of life growing up with friends in Nottingham.”

John, Manager
Glasgow store

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
“I first listened to this album in the late 1980’s. I was amazed at how musical the album was and I was particularly taken aback by the layers of vocals. Being a big F1 fan I was delighted when I found out the Chain was used for the theme tune of the show. Rumours is regularly played in the Glasgow shop and it always puts a smile on my face !”

Matt, Manager
Cardiff store

Dave Mathews
Band – Crash
“Dave Matthews Band sound different to most other music I’ve come across. A dominate saxophone, a beautiful scorching violin, repetitive riffs and Dave Matthews’ voice all make for an energetic live feel that is inescapably American. Most songs reach the 5-6 minute mark and I can only wish they were longer.”

Gary, Manager
Edinburgh store

Gram Parsons –

“You don’t get to play with The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds for no good reason. You need talent… and talent is something Gram Parsons had in heaps. One of only two albums he released due to his untimely death (being friends with The Rolling Stones can do that to a guy) it’s a beautiful piece of work.”

…We’d love to know what your favourite record is. All our stores have comfortable demonstration facilities, packed full of the latest hi-fi equipment, so why not bring that favourite album down and have a listen to some of the amazing music systems today.