Record Store Day – Official Vinyl Chart Launches

The Record Revival continues as vinyl only chart launches, showing the continued popularity of the analogue format.

12th April 2015 saw the very first Official Vinyl Top 40 Chart, showcasing both the top selling LPs and singles in the UK. As vinyl sales hit an 18 year high, and with increased media attention to the annual Record Store Day, who would be crowned the very first UK number one?

The timing of this chart was no coincidence, as exactly one week later we saw the 8th Record Store Day. With a host of limited edition albums and re-releases on the horizon, the first chart would show us which releases proved popular when there are no current promotions available.

It was interesting to see the band who eventually topped the vinyl chart also did so on the Official Top 100 Albums (regardless of format). All Time Low’s Future Hearts outsold Drenge, Sufjan Stevens and Turbowolf to claim the top spot. This shows us vinyl’s appeal to the general market. Gone are the days where only classic rock collectors or Deutsche Grammophon audiophiles would queue up for the latest album (no offence guys, I was among that crowd).

The Official Vinyl Chart

The Official Vinyl Chart

With over 400 new releases, Record Store Day 2015 saw a 628% growth in sales from the previous Saturday. It’s no surprise the second chart only contained 7 LPs from the week before, with the remaining 33 being new Record Store Day only releases. The singles chart was even more Record Store Day orientated, with 39 of the top 40 new releases.

For the second year in a row a David Bowie single proved most popular. The sell out of last year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide was repeated this year with the 7″ picture-disc Changes. Bowie replaced the very first number one Underworld vs. Heller & Farley on the number one spot on the chart.

Hopefully the launch of the Official Vinyl Top 40 Chart reflects an ongoing trend towards physical LPs for an entirely new generation. What this highlights is the fantastic choice now available to music fans. People are now able to experience their favourite songs on the media of their choice, whether that is analogue, CD or digital download, and that surely is a good thing for the world of music in general.