What Hi-Fi? Awards 2016 winner: Shure SE425 in-ear headphones

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The SE425shure_bb_in-ear-headphones_shure are Shure’s ‘mid-range’ audiophile in-ear headphones. But what makes these offerings stand out from the crowd?…

I’m sure some of you are wondering why not branch out for some over-ear style larger headphones? Well, over-ear when you’re out and about isn’t exactly the height of comfort, and at the same price point, won’t perform as well as these.

The SE425s are a monitor inspired in-ear headphone. The shape and build of them have not changed from the CL-EFS versionthe only difference being the actual colour. The V-EFS are a polished silver compared to the clear finish on the previous models. Although a little bigger than your conventional in-ear headphones, they are hugely comfortable and had no difficulty staying in my ears as I danced around our demo room to various tracks like an adorable musical idiot.

When unboxing these it’s clear that you’re handling a high quality piece of kit and not your average run-of-the-mill Apple or JVC product made of plastic and/or fudge. You’re hit with the same reassurance you get when handling any high-end piece of audio equipment.

A premium carrying case is packed in the box and an assortment of foam buds to accommodate every ear shape imaginable. For that extra personal touch, maybe consider some custom moulded buds.

The line-in cable is detachable, so can easily be changed in the event of an accident.

Inside the SE425s is a pair of dual high-definition micro-drivers, one tweeter and one small woofer, to offer a degree of separation that is more commonly heard on larger over ear headphones. I put on Frank Turner’s Thunder Road and was seriously impressed with the level of clarity. I didn’t miss a single note. Change the mood and pop on James Blake’s Limit to Your Love to really push the low end, half expecting them to fail. I was really taken aback with the amount of detail they could retain at such low levels. Personally I’m a huge fan of bass and very sensitive to treble. The SE425s are flawless in either respect.

If you want to cruise round town in your little audio bubble, or even sit at home and just relax, whatever the occasion may be, these should be on your shortlist. Pair them up with one of our Hi-Res Audio players, such as the equally award-winning Astell&Kern AK70 for serious aural pleasure.

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To find out more about the SE425 headphones from Shure, click here.

Author – Garrett, Plymouth store